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Candidate Sourcing


Connect to external databases such as Dice, Indeed, and Monster to automatically source candidates based on past screening decisions. Bring these candidates directly into your ATS. Go beyond simple keywords!



You’re already sitting on a goldmine of past candidates. Uncover and engage top talent from within your existing ATS and increase your qualified candidates 3x.


Seamless Integration All new candidates sourced using Ideal are placed automatically on the job req within your applicant tracking system. No new tool to master or interface to learn. Continue reading

Conversational Screening Questions

Once a candidate applies, Ideal can contact them via email or SMS to gain further information about their eligibility and interest in a specific role.

Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling is notoriously hard to manage. Ideal automates the whole process with a click of a button. Sync calendars and schedule interviews automatically.

Candidate Outreach

All communication and hiring decisions are logged within the candidate profile. Ensure candidates are always engaged and aware of their standing in the hiring cycle. Continue reading

Seamless ATS Integration

Ideal integrates directly with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and acts as a virtual recruiter’s assistant. All messaging, screening, shortlisting, and sourcing is done within your ATS.

No New Interface

No one wants a new tool to master. With Ideal there is no new interface to learn or login to remember. 

No Training Required

Ideal doesn’t change your recruiter’s workflow. No additional training required for your recruiters. Never leave your ATS!

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