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Diversity And Inclusion: A Complete Guide For HR Professionals

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace (D&I) has surpassed being a corporate trend, and is now considered a business imperative for global organizations. The concept has continued to gain traction in the corporate world as its benefits have become increasingly clear as many employees have made it an deciding factor for choosing their employer. Josh […]

How Technology Impacts Today’s Employee Lifecycle

A supportive and rewarding employee lifecycle is important to a successful organization. More important than ever after the economic shake-up from the pandemic, the employee experience is now seen as a key part of retaining your people. HR leaders from around the world report that the way people interact with their organization can drive innovation, […]

How Talent Intelligence and AI are Driving the Evolution of HR

AI in HR has become marker of the future of work as organizations move away from old hierarchies of uniformity towards more flexible and responsive models. HR leaders are rethinking processes to make their companies more human, more agile, and more innovative, all at scale. McKinsey reports that organizations that align talent mapping with their […]

The Rise of Talent Intelligence in 2022

The importance of talent intelligence has grown more than ever in response to how COVID-19 has changed HR technology. As global organizations race to add new digital technologies to their stack, CHROs and HR teams are increasingly indispensable as the leader of the employee experience. These technologies are imperative for how your talent strategy will […]

Talent Intelligence Takes Your Workforce Analytics to the Next Level

Organizations have access to more data than ever, and talent intelligence is the active agent in generating insights for more strategic workforce management. Gartner estimates HR can drive talent outcomes by up to 23% by improving its analytical capacity. It’s not surprising then that 70% of organizations expect to increase their investment in workforce analytics […]