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Talent Intelligence Takes Your Workforce Analytics to the Next Level

Organizations have access to more data than ever, and talent intelligence is the active agent in generating insights for more strategic workforce management. Gartner estimates HR can drive talent outcomes by up to 23% by improving its analytical capacity. It’s not surprising then that 70% of organizations expect to increase their investment in workforce analytics […]

3 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trends in Store for 2022

DEI has become a core value and contributor to organizational success. Throughout this past year, we saw the emergence of many considerations—both internal and external, cultural and sociopolitical—that will factor heavily into the 2022 DEI landscape.  In the spirit of putting human resources (HR) and diversity leadership in the best position to succeed, we have […]

4 Innovative Strategies For High Volume Hiring

High volume hiring is a daunting task in the era of The Great Resignation where employees are quitting their jobs at record high rates. HR leaders are expected to respond to the very tight labor market with new strategies to attract, hire, and retain talent who are in high demand and high turnover roles.  Employers […]

6 Tips for Promoting Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in the Hybrid Work Model

Workplace diversity and inclusion has become a core part of the modern organization’s values, but how is that put into practice in the hybrid work model? COVID-19 has changed the traditional workplace, and organizations must make deliberate choices to enable work arrangements for the future. The employee experience varies drastically from person to person based […]

Develop Your New Employee Value Proposition with Talent Intelligence

The Great Resignation is upon us as the pandemic recedes and workers are quitting in record numbers. 4 million people quit in April alone, with no signs of this trend slowing down, according to economists around the world. Leading organizations are moving beyond the 20th-century model of work and spending a collective US$1.2 trillion globally […]