Sep 23, 2016
Post by Ji-A Min

Ji-A Min

One of the fastest growing areas of HR is people analytics. But understanding how to best leverage people analytics software can be challenging. To help you learn more, I’ve asked industry experts for their advice on best practices for using people analytics software.

Dr. Benoit Hardy-Vallée, IBM Kenexa Leader:

The best people analytics software is human judgement.

The key to getting insights first starts with a true desire to answer important questions using data and evidence.

No software will provide that desire for evidence-based learning. People analytics software first and foremost needs to be able to function as a tool to empower human decision making. Continue reading

Sep 12, 2016
Post by Somen Mondal

Somen Mondal

#PowerUpHR: People Analytics & Cognitive Technology

What I Got Out of the 2016 IBM HR Summit

It has been a couple days since the close of IBM’s 2016 HR Summit and I am still taking in everything I saw. At a high level, IBM’s annual HR Summit is a 3-day conference for all things HR tech.

Going in I expected to see some great keynotes but I was blown away by the passion of every person I spoke with. To see not just speakers, but all attendees so devoted to bringing data to HR was very inspiring. The event gathered entrepreneurs, engineers, HR professionals and thought leaders from around the world. Continue reading

Sep 6, 2016
Post by Ji-A Min

Ji-A Min

With unemployment down and turnover up, 86% of recruiters believe it’s currently a candidate-driven market. This makes it difficult for smaller to mid sized companies to compete for the top talent they need to grow in smart directions.

That’s why Ideal is partnering with Kelsie Davis, HR Insights Specialist at BambooHR for a 30-min webinar on 4 Ways To Compete For Talent In A Candidate-Driven Market with tips on:

Developing your employer brand Creating a positive candidate experience Offering a total compensation package Filling your recruitment funnel using novel methods

Register now to reserve your seat for Sept 29 at 2pm ET. Continue reading

Sep 1, 2016
Post by Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

People Analytics Intro

A 5 minute definition of People Analytics for VPs, salespeople, hiring managers and job candidates alike. This is what you need to know:

15 second definition:

The practice of making data-backed people management decisions within an organization. Most frequently referred to in hiring, retention and absenteeism management.


Likely the offspring of Google’s People & Innovation Lab (PiLab), People Analytics first caught the attention of professionals early 2013 in a highly publicized article, How Google Is Using People Analytics to Completely Reinvent HR.

Related terms: #HRtech, HR Technology, HR Predictive Analytics, HR Big Data Names to know: Dr John Sullivan (@DrJohnSullivan), Blog, Fast Company deemed him the “Michael Jordan of Hiring”, called him “the father of HR metrics”. Continue reading
Aug 30, 2016
Post by Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

Carolyn Lawrence, Leader of Gender Diversity and Inclusion at Deloitte, will be presenting the 10 global human capital trends currently transforming the workplace. Learn more about the new organizational design, talent analytics and workplace diversity.

Is your organization ready for these 10 trends? Carolyn delivers an overview of what every modern HR professional needs to know. Brush up on the new terminology and technology that will save you time, save you money and, most importantly, make your job easier.

Carolyn will cover:

Continue reading