Our Sales Toolbox: How I Prepared for Our First Sales Hires

We’re well into the journey of our first sales reps at Ideal Candidate, and we’re doing our best to document the process. Previously, I’ve written about how we knew we needed to hire sales reps in the first place and then the process of how we hired them by using our own system.

In this post, I focus on the logistics we put into place to help make our sales reps successful. My goal was to have them ready to go from day one. It turns out we use a LOT of tools to make this happen (maybe too many?)


In my previous company, my first ever sales hire was given a headset, some Skype credit, a trade magazine, and a thumbs up. Times have definitely changed.

I hope the list below helps people who are starting to build their own sales team.


sales-toolbox-salesforce-ideal-candidateAfter a lot of debate, we stuck with Salesforce.com. There are a lot of new, amazing CRM apps available, but Salesforce is still the king. Specific features such as lead assignment rules, integration with accounting packages and our phone system sealed the deal for us to stick with the market leader.


Social sellingsales-toolbox-phones-ideal-candidate is all the rage, but you still need to pick up the phone many, many times a day. Our goal was to make this simple and speed up the time it takes to log a call.

We went with Ring Central for a number of reasons. Their soft phone application is great and they integrate with Salesforce very well. This is the first time I have used a soft phone exclusively and I don’t miss that brick of a “real phone” on my desk at all. Also, they have web meeting software built-in so we don’t need a separate tool to do demos.


Dual monitors, Mac Mini and these bad boys…

sales-toolbox-headset-ideal-candidateJabra Evolve noise cancelling headsets. We’re in a brick and beam, open concept office. These things really work. With dual monitors, our sales reps have a screen for prospecting and another screen for CRM and phones.

Other Applications

We like to use software to automate a lot of things. Virtually every time we invest in software it pays off. SalesLoft, Cirrus Insight, Google docs, Pardot, Hipchat and free trials of Ideal Candidate were all in place for the sales reps’ first day.

None of these tools will close deals on their own, but they enable our new sales hires with a better chance of being successful. Our pitch, product and customer service are more important than the entire list above, but even a great plumber with no wrench is not going to get much work done.

Which sales tools have you found to be invaluable? Let me know in the comments below.

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Shaun Ricci

COO at Ideal
Shaun Ricci is a Canadian entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Ideal. Shaun served as Co-Founder and COO of Field ID until it was acquired in December 2012. Shaun’s accomplishments include spots on the Profit Hot 50 and Deloitte Fast 50 Companies-to-Watch lists as well as the 2012 Ontario Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Shaun is also an active writer, documenting his wins and losses while building his startup sales team.