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21 Tips for a Successful Job Interview [Infographic]

Employers don’t hire sales personnel based on resumes alone—if they did, job interviews would be unnecessary. Yet interviews are imperative to the hiring process because your future employer wants to look beyond your qualifications on paper. The interview gives you a chance to stand out as a genuine person with a great personality and love of learning. Of course, you’ll want to boost your natural advantages by preparing for every phase of the process. This graphic from Company Folders will walk you through the steps to make a great impression before, during, and after your interview.


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Five Informative Questions to Ask in a Sales Interview

An interview isn’t a one way street.

Yes, you are there to answer any questions the interviewer wants to know about you, but going through the whole process without asking any questions to the interviewer yourself could have a negative effect on how they see you as a candidate.

Thinking up and then preparing some questions can be difficult, so here is a list of five interesting questions that will help towards you leaving a lasting impression once the interview is over.

1) What opportunities are there to progress within the business?

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Sales Pros: What Was Your First Sales Job & What Did It Teach You

Great salespeople have great mentors.

We reached out to over 20 of today’s most successful salespeople asking, “What was your first sales job and what did it teach you?” Their answers are priceless. It just goes to show that even the best salespeople out there started out small and learned some invaluable lessons along the way.

Learn from them and watch your sales confidence grow.

Sales Pros: What Was Your First Sales Job & What Did It Teach You from Ideal

Featuring sales thought leaders Alen Mayer, Mike Kunkle, S. Anthony Iannarino, Ali Powell, Jill Rowley, Brian Trautschold, Shaun Ricci, Nancy Bleeke, Afi Ofori, Brandon Redlinger, Alina Vandenberghe, Jamie Shanks and more. Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Be Successful In Inside Sales Roles

So what exactly is Inside Sales?

At its most basic level, Inside Sales is a form of Sales that utilizes technology in order to build a basis of clientele and create sales. However, times are changing and Inside Sales is no longer just a phone book and a landline. Inside Sales has adapted to incorporate social media, engaging videos, online demos, creative emails and more in order to generate high value transactions for the business.

Inside Sales is not only engaging and challenging, it brings to the table a new way to build relationships.


Here are 5 things you need to be successful Inside Sales:

A Competitive Spirit

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What is a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Job? Pharmaceutical Sales Explained

Pharmaceutical Sales jobs and Pharmaceutical Sales Reps (also known as pharma reps or PSR’s) have a great reputation attached to their position. This is everything you need to know about the role.

Definition of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job

With exceptional knowledge of pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sales Reps must sell new products to healthcare professionals such as pharmacists and physicians and educate them in the chemistry, side effects and actions that the drug will have on the human body.

The Difference Between Pharmaceutical Sales Reps and Medical Sales Reps

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Sales Interview Tips: Mind Your Manners — What to Do When You Interview [Infographic]

Sales interviews can be terrifying – but it’s always crucial to put your best foot forward. Being prepared starts well before you enter the interview room. With wardrobe tips, preparation suggestions, and etiquette rules, this graphic from AkkenCloud is a great resource for those looking to knock the next interview out of the park.

Check it out:

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Via AkkenCloud

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Private Job Search: 4 Tips To Find Your Next Sales Job In Stealth Mode

Job hunting is stressful enough, you should not have to worry about your privacy on top of that. Here are 4 tips for your private job search. While some may seem obvious, these are easy mistakes to make. Good luck — your dream job is out there!

Here are 4 tips to keep your sales job search private: 1. Don’t Search on Company Time (or Your Company Computer!)

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10 Questions to Ask After a Sales Job Phone Interview

Phone interviews are often used by Human Resources and Sales managers to learn a little more about the candidate and ask a few questions before offering a formal sit down interview. Phone interviews are usually only used for first round interviews to qualify candidates, but can also be conducted as second round interviews as well. Your typical phone interview will be under half an hour. 

Your phone interview is more than likely your first actual real contact with the company and while you can’t physically shake your interviewers hand, you can still make a great impact over the phone. 

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Sales Careers: The Data On the Most Common Sales Career Path

Sales is Changing

This is the data we have on the most common sales career path. People from all backgrounds and various education levels are welcome in the sales industry and we can learn a lot from the salespeople from generations before us.

How far they have progressed in their career is a usually a combination of ambition + personal drive + mentorship + a great job fit.

As the number of sales jobs diversify, more and more people will work in sales at some point in their careers. This is an overview of the most common sales career path.

Traditional Sales Career Path

Most career professionals within the industry began in a Sales Development Rep or Business Development Rep Role and worked their way up the ladder. Continue reading