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Job Hunting In the Digital Age: Reputation, Resumes & Video Interviews

Job Hunting In the Digital Age

Many corporations and organizations are trying to optimize their hiring process to be more streamlined and reliable. Digital tools have made the hiring process not only much easier but at the same time more in-depth. Our digital age has made information about potential new hires much more accessible. From finding out where they earned their MBA to who their first employer was, researching candidates online can help recruiters go beyond what might be on their resume and give you more information about their past work. Sites such as LinkedIn can show recommendations and connections candidates have as well as more information about their work experience and accomplishments. Continue reading

The Only Structured Interview Template You’ll Ever Need

Ever find yourself in a heated discussion with other members of a hiring committee because you couldn’t seem to reach consensus on a candidate?

There are a number of reasons for this type of disagreement, but they generally boil down to a single issue: You haven’t clearly defined the role. This means that some interviewers may end up evaluating candidates on irrelevant criteria or neglecting to assess the most important qualities for the role.

That’s why the structured interview approach is so powerful.

Instead of relying on gut feelings and the personalities of the interviewers, you begin with a strategic kick-off meeting between the hiring manager and talent acquisition. Continue reading

21 Tips for a Successful Job Interview [Infographic]

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Employers don’t hire sales personnel based on resumes alone—if they did, job interviews would be unnecessary. Yet interviews are imperative to the hiring process because your future employer wants to look beyond your qualifications on paper. The interview gives you a chance to stand out as a genuine person with a great personality and love of learning. Of course, you’ll want to boost your natural advantages by preparing for every phase of the process. This graphic from Company Folders will walk you through the steps to make a great impression before, during, and after your interview. Continue reading

Five Informative Questions to Ask in a Sales Interview

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An interview isn’t a one way street.

Yes, you are there to answer any questions the interviewer wants to know about you, but going through the whole process without asking any questions to the interviewer yourself could have a negative effect on how they see you as a candidate.

Thinking up and then preparing some questions can be difficult, so here is a list of five interesting questions that will help towards you leaving a lasting impression once the interview is over.

1) What opportunities are there to progress within the business? Continue reading

3 Steps to Successfully Transition From Corporate Sales to Startup Sales


90% of startups fail, but that doesn’t stop an ever-growing number of salespeople from pursuing a career in that high-risk, high-reward environment.

Problem is, a lot of them leave disappointed and discouraged. They either don’t know how to get a sales job at a startup, or they’ve been disillusioned about what it actually means to work at one.

If you’re one of those salespeople, let’s take a look at what working for a startup really means. Then, if you think you’ve got what it takes, we’ll cover the three steps to actually get hired.

Sound good? Great. Let’s get started. Continue reading

Sales Pros: What Was Your First Sales Job & What Did It Teach You

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Great salespeople have great mentors.

We reached out to over 20 of today’s most successful salespeople asking, “What was your first sales job and what did it teach you?” Their answers are priceless. It just goes to show that even the best salespeople out there started out small and learned some invaluable lessons along the way.

Learn from them and watch your sales confidence grow.

Sales Pros: What Was Your First Sales Job & What Did It Teach You from Ideal

Featuring sales thought leaders Alen Mayer, Mike Kunkle, S. Continue reading

5 Essential Skills For Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

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One of the highest paid sales jobs available is a pharmaceutical sales job. Why? Big pharma means big deal size. However, with big deal size comes big responsibility. This is a very lucrative role that requires very specialized skills. Some people say that a pharmaceutical salesperson needs to have the same amount of training as the doctor they are selling to. 

Relative to other sales jobs, becoming a pharmaceutical salesperson is a long process. Most reps will go through a series of training sessions alongside sales managers, pharmacists, doctors and senior pharmaceutical reps. Continue reading

What Is a Medical Sales Rep Job? Medical Sales Explained

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A Medical Sales Representative is the vital link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. This is everything you need to know about a medical sales rep role.

What Is Exactly Is a Medical Sales Job? Definition of a Medical Sales Rep Job

A Medical Sales Rep’s job is to promote and sell their companies’ products, which can range from medical equipment to prescription drugs.

These products are sold to doctors, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare professionals. The role of a Medical Sales Rep is to identify customer needs and wants and then use various sales techniques to demonstrate that the company’s product is the best available fit. Continue reading

4 Characteristics All Sales Greats Have by Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone, a name synonymous with success and affluence, asked on his blog, “When will you become a Millionaire?” Followed by the statement, “The fact is to become a millionaire now you have to be great in sales.” We couldn’t agree more. So how do you get there?

Based on his advice, here are the 4 characteristics all sales greats have. They are hungry, loyal, persistent and they keep their standards high.

Keep this infographic handy as you work towards greatness.

Another great piece from the King of Sales! Continue reading

What to Look for in an SDR Job (Sales Development Rep)

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So you decided you want to make an impact in a fast-paced career, and are considering a Sales role. Great! An SDR (Sales Development Representative) job is where you can find your footing, and decide if this is the right path for you.

SDR Responsibilities

As an SDR, you’ll qualify leads—meaning, you will determine if people requesting more information (inbound leads) or people you’ve decided to contact on your own (outbound leads) are good sales prospects. This frees up salespeople or account executives to speak with only qualified leads. Continue reading

Sales Interview Tips: Mind Your Manners — What to Do When You Interview [Infographic]

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Sales interviews can be terrifying – but it’s always crucial to put your best foot forward. Being prepared starts well before you enter the interview room. With wardrobe tips, preparation suggestions, and etiquette rules, this graphic from AkkenCloud is a great resource for those looking to knock the next interview out of the park.

Check it out:

(Click To Enlarge)

Via AkkenCloud

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Private Job Search: 4 Tips To Find Your Next Sales Job In Stealth Mode

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Job hunting is stressful enough, you should not have to worry about your privacy on top of that. Here are 4 tips for your private job search. While some may seem obvious, these are easy mistakes to make. Good luck — your dream job is out there!

Here are 4 tips to keep your sales job search private: 1. Don’t Search on Company Time (or Your Company Computer!)

It may seem obvious but it can be very tempting to job hunt while you’re at your current job. Continue reading

10 Questions to Ask After a Sales Job Phone Interview

Phone interviews are often used by Human Resources and Sales managers to learn a little more about the candidate and ask a few questions before offering a formal sit down interview. Phone interviews are usually only used for first round interviews to qualify candidates, but can also be conducted as second round interviews as well. Your typical phone interview will be under half an hour. 

Your phone interview is more than likely your first actual real contact with the company and while you can’t physically shake your interviewers hand, you can still make a great impact over the phone. 

Once you have arranged a phone interview with your prospective employer, it is crucial to do your research! Continue reading

4 Things To Look For In A Sales Recruiter

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A quick Google search will find you thousands of recruiters. Big, small, niche, enterprise, entry-level, executive, local, national… which one is for you? Here are 4 things you’ll want to consider when looking for the right Sales Recruiter for you.

The Traits Of A Good Sales Recruiter: 1 They Understand Sales

Not all industries are the same.

When looking for a Sales job, it is essential to your success that you choose a Recruiter that understands Sales. Sales is a unique industry. Continue reading

Majority of Minority Millennials Feel Discriminated During Interviews (New Poll)

Recently Ideal conducted a poll of 100 Minority Millennials who are currently interviewing for a new job or a promotion. Our poll results illustrate how minority candidates perceive the hiring process is failing them. At the same time, they also provide us with insight on how to change recruiting procedures to reduce bias and create a more equal playing field.

What do you think of the results? Please join the conversation by messaging us on Twitter @Ideal and using the hashtag #IdealSurvey


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The Culture, Perks and Sales Jobs at Base CRM [Vlog]

Sales Team Spotlight: Base CRM

Key facts about Base CRM
    Base CRM is the industry’s first Intelligent Sales Productivity Platform. Base CRM is rated the #1 Mobile Sales and CRM app, with over 100K Android downloads and more than 6,000 customers. Base CRM has received over $23 million in funding. Base CRM also offers a number of perks and benefits including a competitive salary, Flex hours, 401(k) matching, catered lunch and more.
Open roles at Base CRM
    The company is headquartered in Palo Alto and they are currently looking to hire a Business Development Rep for their Mountain View office.
    As the new BDR you will be developing new business through your support of inbound and outbound sales channels.
Continue reading

Sales Jobs For New Grads and Millennials: The Definitive Guide

The verdict is in. Sales jobs are great for Millennials and new grads alike.

Why? I’m glad you asked.

Check out these data-backed pieces that explain what makes sales such a good fit.

Additionally, learn how to find and land the perfect job for you.

No two salespeople are the same, use these pieces to learn more about your personal selling style. Hit the ground earning.

Happy salespeople close more deals. Find your match and make more money!

Table of Contents: Why Sales Is Great For New Grads How To Land The Job Why Sales Is Great for Millennials The Best Things about Sales Open Sales Roles Companies Hiring 6 Reasons Why Sales Is A Great Job For New Grads

Trying to decide what your first job out of school will be is a scary process that can leave you feeling very stressed. Continue reading

How to Differentiate as a Top Sales Candidate from a Former Google Recruiter — Diana Chan and Ideal [Webinar]

This webinar was originally recorded Thursday, April 21st from 2:00pm – 3pm ET​

Want to learn what it takes to stand out from the crowd? Diana Chan, former recruiter for Google’s sales team, will let you in on exactly what employers are looking for in an ideal sales candidate.

In this session, Diana will show you:

    The 5 key elements to develop a memorable personal brand What makes a sales profile stand out on LinkedIn How to create a remarkable sales resume How to differentiate as top sales candidate in interviews

Top employers use Ideal to find their next sales superstars. Continue reading

Sales Careers: The Data On the Most Common Sales Career Path

Sales is Changing

This is the data we have on the most common sales career path. People from all backgrounds and various education levels are welcome in the sales industry and we can learn a lot from the salespeople from generations before us.

How far they have progressed in their career is a usually a combination of ambition + personal drive + mentorship + a great job fit.

As the number of sales jobs diversify, more and more people will work in sales at some point in their careers. This is an overview of the most common sales career path.

Traditional Sales Career Path

Most career professionals within the industry began in a Sales Development Rep or Business Development Rep Role and worked their way up the ladder. Continue reading

The Culture, Perks and Sales Jobs at ZoomInfo [Vlog]

Sales Team Spotlight: ZoomInfo

At Ideal I get the benefit of working very closely with sales teams around the globe. ZoomInfo is an ultra hot employer! Here is a video overview of the culture, perks and sales jobs at ZoomInfo.

Key facts about ZoomInfo
    ZoomInfo, an Inc. 5000 company, is a B2B database software that delivers detailed business profiles to help organizations generate leads and close deals ZoomInfo’s Growth Acceleration Platform is backed by a database of over 140 million businesspeople and 9.3 million businesses The ideal candidate understands a prospect’s challenges and can formulate and present a strategic plan to address their specific needs ZoomInfo also offers a number of perks and benefits including uncapped commission
Open roles at ZoomInfo
    The company is currently looking to hire an Account Executive for their Waltham, MA office
    As the new AE you will partner with and build a trusted rapport with our prospects and clients

Interested?  Continue reading