Introducing Ideal Candidate – A Better Way to Recruit Salespeople

It’s been a little over 12 months since the acquisition of our last company, Field ID. While building Field ID, my co-founder Shaun and I learned two things about ourselves very quickly:

  1. We love startups and building companies
  2. We love solving real world business problems

At our core, we are B2B guys. We didn’t waste any time launching our new startup and today I’m very pleased to introduce Ideal Candidate to the world. This time around we’re solving a problem that we, and many other companies, experience daily: recruiting and identifying top salespeople.

The Problem with Sales Recruiting

While at Field ID, we had an extremely hard time finding the right salespeople. We had an inside sales team of about 12 people and we really had no methodology when it came to a new hire. Although we were pouring hours into evaluating resumes and in-person interviews, at the end of the day, we were guessing. If there’s anything this project has shown us so far, it’s that this problem haunts Sales VPs around the world. Salespeople are the lifeblood of any company, they bring revenue in the door and directly affect your bottom line. Not hiring the right salespeople leads to these expensive problems:

  1. Increased turnover
  2. Extended ramp-up time
  3. Decreased sales

And as Sales leadership know all too well, these problems multiply and all of the sudden you’re looking at Q2, scrambling to hire and meet your numbers for the end of the year.

How We’re Solving the Sales Recruiting Problem

Looking to improve our turnover rate, we started making each new candidate take a psychometric sales assessment. No improvement. The problems with psychometric testing are:

  1. The assessments are not specific to a company. Microsoft candidates are writing the same assessments that Groupon candidates are.
  2. The assessments don’t improve. They are typically based on generic samples and rarely based on quantifiable, real world performance data.
  3. Assessments are expensive. You pay per assessment anywhere from $100-$1000. For us, this meant only picking certain candidates to write the assessment, which caused us to bypass talent.

This is when we decided to revolutionize the sales recruitment process.

So How does It Work?

Imagine you’re a growing sales team looking to hire. The VP of Sales will login to Ideal Candidate and magically Ideal Candidate will connect to your CRM data. Instantly, we have a list of all your salespeople and their performance. Here’s where it gets interesting. We then send assessments to your existing sales team. Our tool correlates this performance data (along with other data, like social data) with their psychometric profiles to generate an ideal candidate – essentially, the secret recipe for what works at your company. Now when you look to hire your next top performer, their psychometric assessment can be benchmarked against the data-driven candidate profile you’re looking for. Watch it happen here:

Stay Tuned. This is Just the beginning.

We are currently in private beta with a handful of customers. If you are interested in being a beta customer, please reach out to us. We are solving a real world problem that companies face every day and we’re happy to watch it work for you. We’ve already started to put together an amazing team here and looking for more talented people as we continue to grow.

In the future this blog will feature hot topics in sales recruiting best practices from our team and thought leaders in the industry. This is just the beginning and we are excited to have you on board as we harness the potential of Ideal Candidate.

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Somen Mondal

CEO at Ideal
Somen is the Co-Founder & CEO of Ideal. Prior to Ideal, Somen served as Co-Founder & CEO of Field ID until it was successfully acquired by Master Lock LLC (a subsidiary of NYSE:FBHS) in December 2012. Somen’s leadership has helped earn Field ID a spot on the Profit Hot 50 and Deloitte Fast 50 Companies-to-Watch lists. In 2012, Somen was named winner of the Ontario Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the “Emerging Entrepreneur” category.