Increase Your B2B Sales Using These 7 Confidence Building Techniques


Even the best salesperson has days when their confidence takes a hit. Pick yourself up and try again is the go-to advice, but injecting a little science into how to recharge your confidence never hurts either.

Here are 7 science-backed techniques to increase your confidence in B2B sales.

1. Get confident by being excited

Salespeople generally have a bag of tricks to psych themselves up. Here’s another one for you: The next time you’re feeling nervous or stressed, don’t tell yourself to calm down. Instead, tell yourself to get excited.

Why it works

Feeling stressed has a similar physiological reaction as feeling excited (e.g., sweaty palms, racing heart). That makes it easier to trick yourself that you’re excited rather than try to convince yourself to calm down. So the next time you’re feeling nervous about making that sales call, re-frame it as an “exciting challenge.”

2. Get confident by being helpful

B2B sales can feel intrusive – like you’re interrupting your prospect’s busy day by calling or emailing them. The best way to eliminate the feeling that you’re bothering people is by being helpful first.

Why it works

Salespeople understand that people buy from people they like and trust. Research tells us that being helpful is one of the most effective ways to create trust. Helping creates a feeling of gratitude in the other person which makes them want to reciprocate. Starting a relationship with a genuine desire to help, for example by sharing useful content with prospects and customers, is key to B2B sales success.

3. Get confident by being persuasive

The best salespeople are masters of persuasion. Science tells us the best techniques for persuading others include telling a story and making them feel good about themselves.

Why is works

We’ve all heard: “After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories. Only 5% remember statistics.” So give your prospects/customers something they’ll remember: tell them a compelling story featuring your product or service. Nancy Duarte’s research on the best storytelling techniques can be summarized as:

  • Make your prospect/customer the hero
  • Communicate that you understand your prospect/customer’s pain
  • Create suspense or curiosity gaps
  • Use detailed and vivid imagery
  • Provide social proof
  • End with a call to action

B2B sales involves a lot of hard work uncovering your prospects’ and customers’ pain. By communicating that you understand that pain, you make them feel good about themselves. This validation can go a long way to reducing prospects’ resistance to changing the status quo.

4. Get confident by being likeable

The easiest shortcut to getting prospects and customers to like you? Find something you have in common with them. Even better, find a unique thing you have in common.

Why it works

According to research featured in Wharton Professor Adam Grant’s Give and Take, “similarities matter most when they’re rare” because this allows us to fit in and stand out at the same time. So a friendly reminder to prospects and customers that they’re special…just like you! can work wonders in B2B sales.

5. Get confident by being lucky

Research has found that salespeople who believe they’re lucky are more successful.

Why it works

“Lucky” salespeople work harder: they make more phone calls, qualify more prospects, and gather more competitive intelligence. Their higher volume of sales activities leads to more opportunities for luck to “happen,” which ultimately leads to higher sales revenue.

So how can you get lucky in B2B sales?

  • Gather information because the more competitive intelligence you have, the smarter you become.
  • Reframe failure by viewing failure as learning opportunities (Jill Konrath’s advice) and setting failure goals (Steli Efti’s advice) so that you celebrate both your successes and failures.
  • Disrupt yourself by going outside of your comfort zone, for example by setting stretch goals (Anthony Iannarino’s advice). In B2B sales, opportunities lie not just with the people you know but with those you don’t.

6. Get confident by being happy

What’s the best way to motivate salespeople: with a carrot or a stick? One data point that might help you decide: salespeople who are happier at work sell more.

Why it works

Research has found that happy salespeople are better at making their customers happy, which results in more upselling. You can increase your work engagement by:

  • Asking for feedback from supervisors
  • Having more flexibility over when you complete your tasks
  • Taking short breaks to recover your energy and focus
  • Finding a sales role where you fit the work environment and job in the first place

7. Get confident by being insightful

Insight selling requires you to make the customer aware of a previously unknown need. In a competitive market, salespeople who can provide prospects and customers with novel information on market trends and best practices are going to win.

Why it works

A valuable insight for prospects and customers means giving them information that helps them become more successful in their own jobs. To be able to provide these insights requires salespeople to become subject matter experts about their prospects and customers’ businesses and markets first (Anthony Iannarino again!)

Want to keep these tips on hand? Check out our handy infographic below and save a copy for yourself!


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Ji-A Min

Ji-A Min

Head Data Scientist at Ideal
Ji-A Min is the Head Data Scientist at Ideal. With a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Ji-A promotes best practices in data-based recruitment. She writes about research and trends in talent acquisition, recruitment tech, and people analytics.
Ji-A Min


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