How Much Do Salespeople Make In Toronto?

toronto-sales-salaries-2014How much do salespeople make in Toronto? The answer is (you’re not going to like it) it depends. The good news is, there are a lot of free tools out there to help you get an idea. I’ve done a quick scan of the market this morning. Let’s take a look at what you can earn as a salesperson in Toronto.

Ok ok, so “it depends” means nothing to you. Got it. Let’s get more specific. There are 3 quick ways to assess the salary range of salespeople in Toronto. The tools I used today are all publicly available, free and easily navigated.

1. Find Employee Reported Sales Salaries In Toronto

Salespeople in Toronto generally make somewhere between $37,000 and $116,000 annually. The median hovers around $55,000 which is slightly above the national median of $52,000. Am I making these numbers up? Nope. Glassdoor (a job-seeker’s best friend) told me. Glassdoor’s competitor, PayScale also does a nice job of summarizing their employee reported data into easily sorted graphs.


Source:, May 2014

Some important things to note:

  • Glassdoor and PayScale both use employee reported numbers to report on salaries, this data may not be perfect.
  • The salary range is relatively HUGE compared to other industries. This is to be expected. Remember, salesperson compensation is complicated. Some of these figures may not accurately reflect the employee’s actual paycheck. PayScale attempts to mitigate this by reporting both bonuses and commission for some specific roles.
  • Even within a single company there can be huge salary variation. Be careful when jumping to conclusions about who is the “best employer” based on reported salaries alone (see IBM).


    Source:, May 2014

  • It is worth the extra 5 minutes to understand the salary range for jobs you realistically want. Take a look at the reported salaries of the roles, industries and the companies you are interested in.

2. Find Suggested Sales Salaries For Employers In Toronto

It’s not just you wondering how much you should be making. Think of it from the employer’s perspective—they’re wondering how much to pay you! Searching for their resources will help you understand the other side of the coin.

This chart is from a piece titled, “How Much Should You Pay Your Sales Reps?” Articles like these will help you understand how management is considers your qualifications.


Source:, July 2013

Some important things to note:

  • Companies pay a lot of money for these kind of custom reports, however, more general advice can be found with a quick Google search.
  • These numbers are suggested and not all employers adhere to strict tables. This info is meant to serve as a starting point for employers looking to hire.
  • Having a working knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for will also benefit you when you are within a role and looking to move up.

3. Browse The “Going Rate” For Salespeople In Toronto

Keeping an active watch on the job market in your desired city is always a good idea. By browsing job openings where the salary is listed you can get a feel for not only the “going rate” but another very important factor: which companies are actually hiring. is a good resource here as it allows for a diverse number of search filters including salary. You can see the results of the search parameters, “sales” in “Toronto” listed by salary here.


Some important things to note:

  • The more specific your results, the better. Use other search parameters such as Job Type, Industry, Category and Company to get closer to the ranges of your desired role.
  • LinkedIn, Workopolis and Indeed offer similar services, it may be worth your time to play around with more than one job board.

The Value In Understanding Your Sales Salary Range

Making a case for your desired salary can be one of the most frustrating aspects of finding a new job. However, most people don’t realize you can get a pretty good idea of your appropriate salary range in 15 minutes (or less) using tools like these. By understanding your value to the job market you can stand out in interviews and also leverage this knowledge in future salary negotiations.

Good luck out there! Have a question I didn’t answer or know a better way to craft your own salary report? Let me know @kaylakozan

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