Quora: How do I get better at closing B2B SaaS deals?

Q: How do I get better at closing B2B SaaS deals?

A: Bartosz Majewski, Head Of Sales, righthello.com


I’ll give you a couple of pieces of advice.

First thing you could do is limit the number of clients you meet. This is a way to save time and focus on where the most opportunity is.

If your business is at the beginning, you’re gonna want to meet as many customers as you can – the networking effects will be a good boost early on.

Once your hustle starts paying off you need to start managing your opportunities. So if the impact of a meeting is below X$ value – you’re simply not going.

Don’t forget to consider profit margins – a freelance consultant’s margin is close to 100% of revenue, so the number would be lower than a software development specialist, who’s margin is about 15%.

Kate Moss famously said that she refuses to get out of bed for less than 10.000 dollars. Do the same – pick your amount. Try to increase it over time. Read more about this in my article – Don’t meet with every single client.

The next is to optimise your sales cycle.

When we did it at RightHello, first we mapped each step and action during the cycle. It’s important to include little stuff, like CRM data entry too.

After analysing the map, came time to get rid of irrelevant tasks. Stuff we did that wasn’t adding any value or pushing the deal further.

Next we automated repeatable tasks, because a lot of manual tasks can be done by software.

We increased our focus, reducing the number of leads to deal with at any given moment. You can’t close hundreds of deals at once, give yourself some breathing room. For instance, pause a lead generation campaign if your pipeline is full of leads.

We improved our lead qualification process, to make sure that we got a “yes”, “no” or “maybe” as soon as possible. It makes all the difference when you know which leads to focus on first.

This question was originally answered on Quora Oct 4, 2015.

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