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Candidate Rediscovery

Uncover Your Existing Talent Update Resumes & Engage Past Candidates Reduce Candidate Acquisition Costs You are already sitting on a gold mine of resumes! Rediscover past candidates within your existing talent pool that are a great fit for a new role. Ideal screens past candidates and updates them with the latest publicly available information. Automatically engage qualified applicants to bring them back to new job reqs. By optimizing your candidate pool you can greatly reduce your candidate acquisition costs. Maximize your marketing spend! Candidate Rediscovery Using AI

You spend a huge amount of resources attracting top candidates to your company. Continue reading

Resume Screening

Screen Every Single Candidate Grade Candidates In Real Time Quickly Decrease Time To Fill Ideal’s resume screening software eliminates the need for unreliable manual screening, making sure no candidate is missed. Ideal’s software go beyond simple keyword matches identifying the most qualified candidates, instantly. It scans and filters resumes grading every candidate A, B, C or D in real time, all within your ATS. By using our software for resume screening, our customers have been able to reduce time to fill between 25% and 75%! Reach out to the best candidates in days, not weeks. Automated Resume Screening Software Using AI

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Candidate Sourcing

Scour External Databases 24/7 Never Miss A Candidate Increase Recruiter Efficiency Connect with databases such as CareerBuilder to automatically source top candidates and bring them directly into your ATS. It’s very difficult to consistently and properly source candidates. High quality candidates are often overlooked. Ideal ensures every candidate is evaluated fairly. Sourcing is tedious and time-consuming. Automate sourcing to free up time for enjoyable, high-value work. Candidate Sourcing Using AI

You already use numerous third party candidate pools to source candidates. Let Ideal’s artificial intelligence automatically uncover great candidates from these databases and put your pipeline on auto-pilot. Ideal can automatically connect to third party candidate pools using your existing credentials. Continue reading

ATS Integration

No Separate Login Or Interface No Additional Training Required Depend On Ideal Just Like A Human Assistant Ideal fully integrates with your existing ATS. Keep all your recruiting tasks in one place, with one simple interface. Ideal is IT and compliance friendly. Ideal does not change your recruiters’ existing workflow. No new tool to master, no new login to remember. Ideal completes tasks just like a Personal Assistant or Jr. Recruiter would (except Ideal can work 24/7!). Full ATS Integration

Think of Ideal just like a personal assistant. Give Ideal the login and password to your ATS and your work is done. Continue reading