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AI for Recruiting: News, Tips, and Trends

Hiring Bias

Reduce Bias And Increase Diversity

AI ignores demographic-related information such as the candidate’s name, race, sex, and age during screening and shortlisting.

Ensure Compliance

Ideal’s proprietary AI for recruiting technology is both EEOC and OFCCP compliant.

Reduce Bias

Biases in the screening process can unknowingly eliminate great candidates. Make data-backed hiring decisions based on merit. 

Increase Diversity

Diversity is a competitive advantage. Increase your workplace diversity and build stronger teams.

How We Do It

Workplace diversity has become a competitive recruiting advantage. 67% of job seekers consider a company’s diversity to be an important factor when considering job offers.

A significant barrier to increasing diversity is unconscious bias during the recruiting process. Continue reading

Candidate Experience

Improve Your Candidate Experience

Every single resume can be screened and replied to instantly.

Automated outreach identifies which candidates are interested allowing human recruiters to concentrate on a smaller number of qualified candidates.

Keep Every Applicant Informed

Let every single candidate know their current position in the recruiting process, in real time.

Reduce Wait Times

Show how much you value your candidates by reaching out to them quickly.

Increase Engagement

Use AI-powered communications to keep past candidates engaged in your company and brand.

How We Do It

With 86% of recruiters believing it’s a candidate-driven market, a negative candidate experience makes it even harder to compete for talent. Continue reading

Recruiter Efficiency

Increase Recruiter Efficiency

Automate the early part of your recruiting funnel and remove tedious, time-consuming tasks.

Remove Bottlenecks

Manually sourcing candidates and screening resumes are the largest recruiting bottlenecks. Remove these draining tasks from your workflow.

Reduce Time To Hire

Automate tedious, time-consuming recruiting tasks to quickly reduce time to hire.

Spend Your Time With Top Candidates

Prioritize your outreach to spend more time with high-quality applicants who will be a great fit on your team.

How We Do It

56% of talent acquisition leaders predict their hiring volume will increase this year, but only 26% plan to increase recruiter headcount. Continue reading

Quality of Hire

Improve Quality of Hire

Based on thousands of historical recruiting decisions, as well as feedback from recruiters, Ideal learns what makes successful employees at your organization and continues to make smarter candidate recommendations.

Reduce Turnover

Candidates that are successful in their roles stay longer. Hire top talent and reduce your turnover rate.

Find Top Performers

Use Ideal’s AI to discover and repeat only your most successful hires.

Optimize Your Talent

Spend time on qualified applicants only. Reduce your interview to hire ratio and optimize your time for enjoyable work.

How We Do It

When sourcing, recruiters care about the number of qualified candidates they present to hiring managers which is directly related to the recruiting KPI hiring managers care about most: quality of hire. Continue reading