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How to Evaluate AI for Talent Intelligence

Which talent intelligence solution fits seamlessly into your technology stack? With numerous options on the market and a variety of flavors of AI, talent acquisition leaders have a wealth of features to wade through to find the right opportunity to increase your organization’s accuracy, efficiency, and fairness. In response to COVID-19 and the changing world […]

The Rise of Talent Intelligence in 2021

The importance of talent intelligence has grown more than ever in response to how COVID-19 has changed HR technology. As global organizations race to add new digital technologies to their stack, CHROs and HR teams are increasingly indispensable as the leader of the employee experience. These technologies are imperative for how your talent strategy will […]

Where to Start: Artificial Intelligence and Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering a diverse workforce is a very human problem, so how do artificial intelligence diversity and inclusion solutions fit into the technology stack at everyday companies? There’s a deafening call for an end to racial discrimination, and it’s now a deciding factor for talent when considering job offers and purchases. Organizations are reaffirming their commitment […]

Automation vs. Augmentation: How Talent Acquisition Benefits From AI

What is the difference between automation vs. augmentation? Is a machine smarter than a human when it comes to evaluating talent? Talent acquisition professionals have been reaping the benefits of AI-based talent intelligence for years, but one of the most consistent barriers to innovative products is misinformation. An automated resume screening system has become commonplace […]

How to Set Your Company’s Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Human resources teams have been put to the task of creating new processes and balanced diversity and inclusion goals in the workplace. Tackling workplace injustice is not an overnight task or a one-time initiative, and organizations are turning to DEI technology for unbiased insights. Glassdoor reviews about diversity and racial justice have risen 63 percent […]