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How to Improve Your Diversity Hiring Strategy

Diversity hiring and creating an inclusive work environment have been top priorities for HR leaders for the past few years. Companies have been given the long overdue opportunity to focus on their employees, customers, and DEI hiring practices. However, many companies are moving ahead with good intentions, but unclear strategies that aren’t moving the needle […]

Ideal to be acquired by Ceridian

Today, Ceridian announced an agreement to acquire Ideal and we couldn’t be happier. With our combined passion for intelligence at work, we truly look forward to what we can do together. Since its inception, Ideal has always been a data-driven company. Our mission is for the data behind every talent decision to be accurate, efficient, […]

What Ignoring Benefits of AI in Recruitment Is Costing Your Team

Has your team considered the benefits of AI in recruitment in the past and stopped at the shopping phase? Human resources used to be seen as an old school department, with set in their ways and past policies. Until 2020 happened, and the world turned upside down. Between a virtual-first workplace and calls for diversity […]

What are the 4 Types of Diversity in the Workplace?

Many HR leaders and executives are on board with new policies and initiatives for increasing diversity in the workplace. Diverse organizations are more adaptable, show consistent revenue growth, and set the standard as competitive industry leaders.  Diversity in the workplace refers to a workforce comprised of individuals of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, physical ability, […]

Why Talent Intelligence Systems Should Be HR’s #1 Priority

For many global organizations, enriching the full employee lifecycle, starting with hiring and retaining the best talent, is their top priority. A talent intelligence system can provide an objective and insightful look into your workforce on a granular level. New and trending tech can be eye-catching and there’s no shortage of ways to optimize your […]