Hiring is hard: from attracting top candidates, to assessing fit, to interviews, it’s a massive time investment. If you don’t have a well thought out onboarding process for your new sales reps to ramp up effectively, you put all the hard work you invested in your hiring efforts, and the overall success of your department, at risk.

Here are 5 critical tips to keep in mind as you plan your new sales rep onboarding.


1. Develop a clearly defined and scalable sales process.

You have to have a well thought out and proven sales process developed before you bring on new sales reps. According to the Sales Readiness Group here are the foundational items you need to have in place before you can even consider expanding your team:

  • Clear sales strategy  
  • Documented sales process
  • Effective lead generation strategy  
  • Sales tools that consistently communicate value proposition  
  • Compensation plans that align interests of salesperson and company
  • Sales goals and metrics that create accountability

If you can put a check mark beside all of those items, you can move on to tip #2.

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2. Adopt them into the tribe.

In a recent article in Inc. magazine, Dan Enthoven suggests pairing new sales reps with successful veterans as soon as possible, and that this is where the real learning happens – not in the typical onboarding classes that have become the norm.

“New sales hires need to be connected with seasoned, successful sales people as quickly and deeply as possible. Put lunches on their calendars and send them out of the office. Have the best prospecting reps Bcc new hires on emails so they can see what’s working. Schedule periodic Q&A and brainstorming sessions. Your organization has incredibly valuable knowledge. Don’t make new hires reinvent the wheel.”

3. Coach sales managers to coach salespeople.

A day in the life of a sales manager often includes being pulled in all sorts of directions – from meetings, to joining calls to close deals, and even HR issues. Leading sales consultant Mark Gibson states that one item that often gets dropped from a manager’s priority list is staying close to new hires and providing them the coaching they need to be successful, ensuring they understand the value proposition of what they are selling and that they are leveraging all the sales tools and assets they have access to so they can work efficiently.

Make sure sales managers are taking the time to schedule weekly sales team meeting so new sales reps can learn from their peers as well as regular 1 on 1 sessions to provide personalized feedback on what the sales rep is doing wrong and right.

4. Role play

There is no better way to prepare to speak with real li5 Tips To Ensure New Sales REve prospects than practicing all the things you’ve been learning during your onboarding in role play scenarios. According to Jill Konrath a top sales expert:

“There’s no better way for sellers to practice what they say before they have to do it in real time. Sales role playing is the best way to discover if what you say makes sense, if you create any stumbling blocks, what questions you’ll be asked and how to best respond to them.”

5. Leverage data for ongoing development.

The leadership team at ToutApp suggest that for ongoing training and optimization, you should be leveraging all the various data a sales team produces and has in its various tools to ensure best practices are bubbling up and can be utilized by the entire team. They cite this example of what they do in their own office: “ToutApp will measure the best performing email templates across your sales team. Once you identify it, you can share it with the whole team and up everyone’s game.”

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So there you have it, 5 tips to ensure your new reps getting off to a great start. Is there anything we missed? What do you do with your team to ensure they start to hit their quota right out of the gate?