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Work Smarter Not Harder: 2 New HR Tech to Make Your Job Easier [Webinar]

Today’s HR leaders are expected to do more with less. Jane Wang, CEO of Optimity, and Ji-A Min, Head Data Scientist at Ideal discuss how HR tech can help in Work Smarter Not Harder: 2 New HR Technologies to Make Your Job Easier.

In this webinar on you’ll learn how to:

    work smarter with HR tech that automates resume screening and candidate shortlisting to tackle the #1 challenge in talent acquisition work smarter with HR tech that promotes healthy habits to boost productivity and employee engagement

Link to the full slides here.

A digital hiring model

A survey of talent acquisition leaders found that 52% struggle with identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool.  Continue reading

5 Tips To Ensure New Sales Reps Ramp Up Quickly

Hiring is hard: from attracting top candidates, to assessing fit, to interviews, it’s a massive time investment. If you don’t have a well thought out onboarding process for your new sales reps to ramp up effectively, you put all the hard work you invested in your hiring efforts, and the overall success of your department, at risk.

Here are 5 critical tips to keep in mind as you plan your new sales rep onboarding.

1. Develop a clearly defined and scalable sales process.

You have to have a well thought out and proven sales process developed before you bring on new sales reps. Continue reading

How To Conduct A Sales Interview In 6 Steps [Pocket Guide]

You’re hiring a new sales rep and you’ve done the hard work of attracting, prescreening, and shortlisting your sales candidates. Now for the last crucial step in the process: the sales interview. Figuring out how to interview sales reps the right way can be stressful and confusing.

That’s why I created this handy pocket guide on how to conduct a sales interview in 6 steps, including a list of sample sales-related questions.

Step 1: Develop job-related questions by talking to sales reps currently in the sales role.
    What are the salesperson’s daily responsibilities? What are the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics (KSAOs) required for sales success?
Continue reading

Recruitment Marketing: A How-To Guide

HR is no stranger to trends and one of the biggest HR trends of the year is the rise of recruitment marketing. So what exactly is it, how does it help you attract qualified candidates, and how should you measure whether it’s working for you?

Ideal presents this handy how-to guide on recruitment marketing below.

I. Recruitment marketing defined

Recruitment marketing is applying marketing best practices, such as analytics, multi-channel use, targeted messaging, and tech-enabled automation, to attract, engage, and nurture candidates who haven’t yet applied to a job and converting them into applicants by communicating your employer brand and value. Continue reading

The 5 Newest Trends in HR [Webinar]

HR is a constantly evolving field and it can be challenging to keep on top of the latest HR trends.

That’s why we teamed up with HR Expert Cathy Missildine, SPHR, the President of SHRM-Atlanta, to present a webinar on The 5 Newest Trends In HR – And Why You Should Care.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn more about:

1. Blind Hiring & Biases

    How to use blind profiles, blind tests, and blind interviews How blind hiring decreases biases in hiring and increases diversity hiring

2. Predictive Recruitment Analytics

    How using predictive analytics to automate screening and shortlisting candidates can save you 23 hours per hire

3. Continue reading

Recruiting Software: What Does The Future Hold in 2017?

HR Industry Leaders Reveal Their Predictions For Attracting Top Talent

With the advent of modern HR solutions such as predictive hiring algorithms, the power, accuracy and overall usefulness of recruiting software is growing by leaps and bounds. Many believe we are at a tipping point where the entire role of recruiting will be forever changed as next generation software solutions gain mainstream adoption in the market.

To help inform our readers, the team at Ideal interviewed some of the top HR thought leaders from around the globe on their views and predictions for the future of recruiting software and, specifically, predictive hiring solutions. Continue reading

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Sales Recruiter

Recruiting for sales has always been challenging and it’s only getting harder with the current candidate-driven job market. Getting sales recruitment right is so important because your company’s revenue is directly tied to the quality of your sales hire.

When you don’t have sales recruitment expertise yourself or otherwise in-house, it makes a lot of financial sense to find a great external sales recruiter to help. Here’s a handy checklist of 5 things to look for when choosing a sales recruiter who’s right for you.

1. Understands the profession of sales

Sales is a complex and evolving profession. A great sales recruiter needs to understand both the big picture and the details of what’s going on in sales whether it’s the growing importance of the SDR, what competitive salaries in your market look like, and what salespeople are looking for in a sales role. Continue reading

How Predictive Recruiting Analytics Saves You 23 Hours Per Hire

Predictive recruiting analytics promises to make recruiters’ lives easier by automating the low-value admin work of recruitment and hiring. Experts suggest “the best approach to hiring could be using predictive analytics to better inform human recruiters.” But what does that mean for you as a recruiter practically speaking?

A simple way to quantify the value of predictive recruiting analytics is how much time it can save you per hire. Take a look at our new infographic below to see how much time you can save using predictive analytics to pre-screen and shortlist candidates. The time savings might surprise you! Continue reading

How to Attract, Retain and Maximize Millennial Sales Talent [Webinar]

53% of hiring managers say it’s difficult to find Millennials. This is a big problem because understanding and engaging Millennial talent is crucial these days: Millennials are 46% of B2B buyers and nearly 50% of the workforce.

This is why our own Shaun Ricci, COO of Ideal teamed up with Brian Trautschold, COO of Ambition for an in-depth webinar on How to Attract, Retain and Maximize Millennial Sales Talent.

In this webinar, Shaun and Brian will teach you best practices on:

    how and where Millennials are more likely to look for sales jobs reducing your time-to-hire by 40% by automating candidate screening using the R.I.G.G.S.
Continue reading

3 Differences Between Traditional Hiring And Hiring With An Algorithm

New methods of hiring such as using data to hire and hiring with an algorithm are disrupting traditional hiring.

Here are 3 differences between traditional hiring and hiring with an algorithm – and their outcomes – summarized in our new infographic: Traditional Hiring Vs. Hiring With An Algorithm

Looking to hire salespeople who are the right fit for your sales role, team, and company culture? Use’s hiring algorithm to automate candidate sourcing and duplicate your top sales performers. Sign up for a risk-free trial now. Continue reading

The Benefits And Challenges Of Blind Hiring Sales Reps

Blind hiring is considered one of the best solutions to fight unconscious biases that interfere with hiring the best candidates and hiring more diverse candidates. So how does blind hiring sales reps work?

Blind hiring sales reps can be conducted using 3 main practices: anonymous profiles, anonymous sales tests, and anonymous interviews.

The benefits of blind hiring sales reps through anonymous candidate profiles & resumes

The first step in creating a blind hiring process is removing identifying information from candidates’ profiles and resumes such as names and photos. Anonymizing profiles allows you to make hiring decisions free from unconscious biases about candidates’ race, gender, age, and other characteristics that are not necessarily related to sales performance. Continue reading

4 Tips For Recruiting More Diverse Sales Reps

Many companies are looking to recruit a more diverse sales team: a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 57% of HR professionals say their recruiting strategies are designed to attract diverse candidates. 

A Glassdoor survey found that 67% of active and passive job seekers said that diversity is an important factor when considering companies and job offers. This means that candidates are evaluating how diverse your company and sales team are during their job search research and interview process.

Research on more than 500 organizations has found that diversity increases sales revenue:

    every 1% increase in gender diversity is correlated with a 3% increase in sales revenue every 1% increase in racial diversity is correlated with a 9% increase in sales revenue

So diversity pays – literally.  Continue reading

5 Rules For Managing A World-Class Sales Team

This is a guest blog by Niraj Ranjan Rout, the founder of Hiver, an app the lets you share Gmail labels with other Gmail users.

What is a world-class sales team?

    A sales team that can deliver every single time? A sales team that has ingrained innovation into its very work process? A sales team that is resilient in the face of adversities and setbacks? A sales team with a higher purpose and unbreakable spirit?

I say a world-class sales team team is all that and more.

If you want to build and lead a world-class sales team, the first step is to bring together a clever mix of different personality types, and then it’s all about leading them in a manner that’s good for the team first and foremost, and then the individual members. Continue reading

6 Controversial Ways To Hire Salespeople – That Get Results

With an average 28% turnover rate for sales, HR and sales leaders are starting to abandon the traditional ways of hiring salespeople and exploring new, innovative methods to find sales talent instead.

Here are 6 controversial, but effective, ways to hire salespeople that are disrupting traditional recruitment methods.

1. Blind sourcing to hire salespeople

Unconscious biases in hiring have gotten a lot of press lately and one way companies are trying to tackle this problem is through blind sourcing. The most common blind sourcing method being tested is to remove the candidate’s name from their resume. The theory behind removing the candidate’s name from his or her application is that it helps the hiring manager make decisions free from unconscious biases of the candidate’s race and gender. Continue reading

The DNA Of A Top Sales Performer – New Research

Do you know what a top sales performer looks like?

Based on three years of research, the team at Ideal analyzed 1000’s of top sales performers to understand the sales DNA of a sales rep that will succeed in a specific sales role based on factors such as industry, geography, team size, and company culture.

The data we collected on top sales performers
    130,326 data points 50,000 sales reps 1000 top sales performers 22 cultural fit values 16 personality traits Sales experience Team size Education Industry
Top 5 findings about top sales performers Top performers are internally motivated: they find the act of selling personally fulfilling above financial rewards. Continue reading

Using Data To Recruit And Manage A Diverse Sales Team

Companies that can effectively recruit and manage a diverse sales team will have a clear competitive advantage. That’s why Ideal recently hosted a webinar with Omar Zaibak of Salesforce on Using Data To Recruit And Manage A Diverse Sales Team.

In this 30-minute presentation, you’ll learn:

-how using data when recruiting sales reps identifies the best candidates by reducing biases -the best strategies to attract diverse sales candidates -how data-based sales management ensures objective decision-making

Watch the full webinar below:

And access the slides here:

About the co-presenter

Omar Zaibak, Manager, Campaigns & Demand Generation – Canada

Omar brings over 10 years of marketing experience with high-growth SaaS providers in CRM. Continue reading

5 Data-Based Insights On Recruiting Millennial Sales Reps

Did you know millennials make up 46% of B2B buyers and nearly 50% of the workforce?

The most successful sales teams will be the ones who can recruit the best and brightest Millennial sales reps. To help you do it, Ideal hosted a webinar on 5 Data-Based Insights On Recruiting Millennial Sales Reps.

In this 30-minute presentation, you’ll learn:

-the best strategies for engaging with Millennial sales candidates -how to compensate Millennial sales reps to keep them motivated -how to align the perks of your sales role with Millennials’ values

You can watch the full webinar including the Q&A below:

The webinar slides can be accessed here:

Looking to hire Millennials sales reps who are a great fit for your team? Continue reading

4 Tips For Recruiting Sales Reps To Your Tech Startup

Tech startups are often recruiting sales reps to rapidly grow their sales team, but they’re competing for the same sales talent as bigger brands.

To help you create a competitive advantage in recruiting sales reps, Ideal hosted a webinar on 4 Tips For Recruiting Sales Reps To Your Tech Startup.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn how to recruit the right sales reps to your tech startup by:

    leveraging data on your existing top performers highlighting your unique perks and tech startup culture adopting recruitment technology not being used by competitors

Watch the full webinar below:

Are you looking to hire sales reps at your startup? Continue reading