Using Data To Recruit And Manage A Diverse Sales Team

Companies that can effectively recruit and manage a diverse sales team will have a clear competitive advantage. That’s why Ideal recently hosted a webinar with Omar Zaibak of Salesforce on Using Data To Recruit And Manage A Diverse Sales Team.

In this 30-minute presentation, you’ll learn:

-how using data when recruiting sales reps identifies the best candidates by reducing biases
-the best strategies to attract diverse sales candidates
-how data-based sales management ensures objective decision-making

Watch the full webinar below:

And access the slides here:

About the co-presenter

Omar Zaibak, Manager, Campaigns & Demand Generation – Canada

Omar Zaibak
Omar brings over 10 years of marketing experience with high-growth SaaS providers in CRM. He currently manages Canadian demand generation and campaigns for Salesforce, the world’s fifth largest software company. He received his BASC in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and his MBA from Ryerson University. You can find him playing soccer, fishing, gaming, reading, and watching comedy in his spare time.


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