How to Attract, Retain and Maximize Millennial Sales Talent [Webinar]

53% of hiring managers say it’s difficult to find Millennials. This is a big problem because understanding and engaging Millennial talent is crucial these days: Millennials are 46% of B2B buyers and nearly 50% of the workforce.

This is why our own Shaun Ricci, COO of Ideal teamed up with Brian Trautschold, COO of Ambition for an in-depth webinar on How to Attract, Retain and Maximize Millennial Sales Talent.

In this webinar, Shaun and Brian will teach you best practices on:

  • how and where Millennials are more likely to look for sales jobs
  • reducing your time-to-hire by 40% by automating candidate screening
  • using the R.I.G.G.S. system to motivate and incentivize Millennial sales talent

Link to the slides here.

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