Why should I used Ideal?

Organizations benefit the most by using Ideal as a solution for two problems:

  1. Inability to fill sales roles efficiently
  2. Inability to find salespeople that fit well with their team

Ideal continuously fills your sales talent pipeline for you. You will no longer have to worry about having an empty queue of candidates when a role opens up. Secondly, Ideal allows you to use scientifically-backed psychometric assessments to objectively find your next top performer, no more “going with your gut.”

How does Ideal work?

Sales recruiting is hard, we know! Each candidate in our system has been pre-assessed for their personal selling style and cultural fit. Only candidates that surpass the appropriate match threshold and then pre-screened by our Talent Scouts before sent to you. The candidates you receive are statistically more likely to succeed in your environment.

How is Ideal different from a job board?

Ideal sends you a list of curated candidates—salespeople that are statistically more likely to fit in and thrive at your company. The only similarity is that both services provide you with candidates. The difference is our candidates are going to ramp up faster, stay longer and bring in more revenue.

If I assess my team within Ideal will you market my employees to other companies?

Absolutely not. All employees of your company are placed in a “private pool.” They are not advertised towards or contacted. We keep the privacy of your employees as a top priority.

What cities do you operate in?

Currently we are in Boston, Chicago, Toronto and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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