What Is A.I.?

What exactly is A.I.? Learn the basics of artificial intelligence with some real world examples. 

Retail Recruiting & A.I.


Learn how artificial intelligence is applied to high-volume recruiting in the hyper-competitive word of retail.

A.I. & Your Business


Practical and metrics driven approach of how to incorporate artificial intelligence into your recruiting process.

The Technology You Need to Know About 

High-volume retail hiring has never been an easy task. Thousands of hours a year are spent screening resumes manually. Artificial intelligence for recruiting wants to give you that time back. This eBook provides an overview of A.I. for recruiting as well as how you can begin to implement A.I. into your hiring process today.

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Predictive analytics is likely to become one of the most important feature sets in HR technology platforms in the next few years.”

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Algorithms will transform recruitment processes by replacing reliance on both recruiters' intuition and automated CV evaluation based on word matching with insights gleaned over time from analysis of large datasets. This will help hiring managers hire the best staff.”

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