N2 Publishing

Using artificial intelligence, Ideal helped N2 Publishing increase their number of qualified interviews 4x and reduce their candidate contact time to less than 24 hours, leading to a 75% reduction in screening costs. This is how they did it.

In Summary

N2 Publishing Uses Artificial Intelligence To Quickly Reach Top Candidates, Increasing Qualified Interviews 4x

A celebrated employer brand with an entrepreneurial spirit and an outstanding Talent Acquisition team, it’s not unusual for N2 Publishing to receive over 200 job applications daily. As applications continued to climb, N2 was struggling to manually screen each resume and contact top candidates quickly.

“Top talent goes fast,” explains Jamie Baugher, Head of Talent Acquisition at N2. “With so many applications, our recruiters desperately needed a way to prioritize their candidate outreach.”

Ideal and N2 Publishing established three priorities for streamlining time-consuming tasks by using recruitment automation.

N2 Publishing’s Top 3 Priorities

Priority #1: Reach top candidates within 24 hours ✔
Priority #2: Increase the number of qualified interviews ✔
Priority #3: Free up recruiters’ time to focus on enjoyable, high-value work ✔

Ideal delivered on all three priorities as N2’s employer brand continues to thrive.

Using artificial intelligence, Ideal helped N2 Publishing increase their number of qualified interviews 4x, significantly increase recruiter efficiency, and improve their candidate experience based on candidate feedback.

N2 Publishing’s Challenges

Prior to using Ideal, N2 would email every applicant videos that explained more about the company and the position. However, N2 found that the videos couldn’t fully convey the appeal of the role as well as their recruiters could and interview acceptance levels were discouraging.

In an effort to improve the interview acceptance rate, N2 recruiters took to the phones. The results were striking. If they could reach the candidate on the phone, the excitement for the position was exponentially higher and the interview acceptance rate more than doubled.

Quickly, it was very clear that phone calls were the best method of candidate contact. However, as N2’s Talent team continued to bring in a rapidly growing number of applications, there wasn’t enough time in the day to call every applicant.

When Jamie Baugher, N2’s Head of Talent Acquisition, approached Ideal, he was looking for a way to screen and shortlist every candidate before the recruiters began their outreach. “I was very happy to find Ideal uses technology to make instant, data-based qualifying decisions.”

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Ideal was able to objectively assess every single resume and assign a letter grade to each candidate—in minutes.

Ideal’s Recruitment Automation Process

  • Screen and shortlist every candidate
    Use AI to screen and rank candidates minutes after they apply.
  • Identify top talent for recruiters
    Eliminate manual resume screening and only send top candidates to recruiters.
  • Reach candidates within 24 hours
    Enable N2 to contact qualified candidates as quickly as possible, with a goal of <24 hours.
  • Optimize recruiter workflow
    Automate recruiters’ tedious tasks to free up their time for building relationships with great candidates.
  • Reduce cost per screen and cost per hire
    Drastically shorten N2 Publishing’s recruiting cycle and lower overall cost.
  • Remove potential for unconscious bias
    Remove indicators of race, age and gender from the resume screening process.

Full ATS Integration

N2 was very impressed by the seamless integration with their existing applicant tracking system (ATS), Greenhouse.

Jamie explains the appeal, “When I was looking for solutions, I really didn’t want to give our recruiters another tool to learn and log in to. After a short pilot project, we quickly saw the ROI of Ideal and rolled it out to the entire organization. No calls to IT, no additional training. Anyone who works with HR technology knows how rare that is.”

Summary of Results

N2 Publishing’s Top 3 Priorities

Priority #1: Reach top candidates within 24 hours ✔
Analyzing massive amounts of resume data and thousands of past hiring decisions, Ideal’s AI determines what makes a top Area Manager at N2 Publishing. Using this knowledge, Ideal can identify top candidates minutes after they applied. N2’s recruiters prioritize these candidates and are able to initiate contact in under one business day.

Priority #2: Increase qualified interviews ✔
By contacting top candidates in under one day, N2’s number of qualified interviews have increased 4x. This increase has contributed to a large drop in N2’s cost per screen and overall cost per hire.

Priority #3: Free up recruiter’s time to focus on enjoyable, high-value work ✔
N2’s recruiters have been able to reduce their tedious, repetitive task load and focus on what they love: building incredible teams.

N2 Publishing’s Recruiting Success With Ideal

Ideal delivered on all three initiatives as N2’s employer brand continued to thrive, landing them multiple employer awards including Entrepreneur’s Top Company Culture and Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

“N2 Publishing’s huge trophy case of employer awards is a testament to their employee-first approach,” says Shaun Ricci, COO of Ideal. “We’re happy to help N2 lead the publishing industry in candidate experience and company culture.”