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“By bringing the most qualified candidates to the top, our recruiters know who to call first and can invest their time building relationships with strong applicants.”
– Steve Cohen, Director of Talent Acquisition at Ideal Image


Ideal Image Finds Success With AI-Powered Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

In 2017, Ideal Image, the largest MedSpa in North America, was growing rapidly. Ideal Image’s strong employer brand was bringing in an overwhelming number of applicants for every single job they posted—multiply that by over 130 locations and the number of resumes became insurmountable.

Even with an internal team of recruiters, Ideal Image couldn’t possibly shortlist every single candidate they received. Ideal Image reached out to Ideal for a technology that could assist their recruiters at scale.

Ideal and Ideal Image established three priorities for implementing recruitment automation:

  1. Screen every single candidate, regardless of volume
  2. Reduce candidate wait times
  3. Increase recruiter’s bandwidth by reducing unnecessary interviews

Ideal delivered on all three priorities as Ideal Image’s employer brand continues to thrive.

After 60 days, Ideal helped Ideal Image:

  1. Achieve a 100% screen rate
  2. Contact the most qualified candidates within two business days
  3. Eliminate 30% of in-person interviews for the same number of great hires

This is how they did it.

Ideal Image’s Challenges

“It’s a great problem to have,” Steve Cohen, Director of Talent Acquisition at Ideal Image laughs, “too many people interested in working for your company.”

A forward-thinking tech enthusiast, Steve approached Ideal looking for a way to maintain their industry-leading candidate experience at scale.

“Successful talent acquisition professionals never forget what it’s like to be a candidate. When you’re applying to such a fast-growing company, you can’t help but wonder if your resume is going to be seen and evaluated in a fair manner. Using Ideal’s AI solution we feel confident knowing that every single candidate is being screened and shortlisted based on merit.”

Technical Requirements

Steve described his needs from a technical standpoint:

  • Ability to handle massive amounts of existing and future resume data
  • Compliant with all corporate security, data management and privacy requirements
  • Full integration with their applicant tracking system, iCIMS

Steve explained the appeal of the seamless integration:

“When I was looking for solutions, I really didn’t want to give our recruiters another tool to learn. Ideal is perfect because it works behind the scenes within iCIMS and doesn’t require our recruiters to switch systems or change their existing workflow.”


As a pillar of their success as a company, Ideal Image encourages innovation and early adoption. Ideal was eager to help showcase how HR can utilize data to improve hiring decisions and meet the business demands for talent.

“After a short implementation period, we quickly saw the ROI of Ideal and rolled it out to the entire organization, with no calls to IT and no additional training. Anyone who works with HR technology knows how rare that is.”

After integrating with Ideal Image’s ATS, iCIMS, Ideal used artificial intelligence (AI) to objectively assess every single resume and assign a letter grade to each candidate — in minutes. Training on past data, Ideal’s grading mimics the process of a senior recruiter and allows organizations to identify their future top hires, instantly.

Success Metrics

An advocate for analytics-driven HR, Steve noticed positive results within the first 30 days of using Ideal. After 60 days, the performance metrics showed the success of the project:

  • Ideal Image achieved a 100% screen rate, with all candidates graded A to C
  • Recruiters could now contact the most qualified candidates within 48 hours
  • Ideal Image experienced a 30% reduction in interviews for the same number of great hires

“By bringing the most qualified candidates to the top, our recruiters know who to call first and can invest their time building relationships with strong applicants.”


Ideal Image now uses AI to screen and shortlist candidates within minutes after they apply. By identifying top talent for recruiters, they are able to eliminate manual resume screening and reach top candidates within two business days.

Steve speaks to the value of freeing up his recruiters’ time, “Recruiters and recruiting teams only have a certain bandwidth – any time you have the opportunity to take that bandwidth and increase it, you take it.”

Ideal Image has been able to drastically reduce their time to fill and lower their overall cost per hire.

“Working with Ideal has been so refreshing. They are quick to respond and open to new ideas. We’ve worked together on pushing out a number of new features,” says Steve.

Somen Mondal, CEO of Ideal, describes the partnership, “Ideal Image’s rapid growth is a testament to their employee-first approach. They lead the MedSpa industry in candidate experience, workplace satisfaction and corporate culture. We’re thrilled to help Ideal Image continue to be an employer of choice.”