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Ideal Image | America’s Largest Medical Spa

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“By bringing the most qualified candidates to the top, our recruiters know who to call first and can invest their time building relationships with strong applicants.” – Steve Cohen, Director of Talent Acquisition at Ideal Image


Ideal Image Finds Success With AI-Powered Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

In 2017, Ideal Image, the largest MedSpa in North America, was growing rapidly. Ideal Image’s strong employer brand was bringing in an overwhelming number of applicants for every single job they posted—multiply that by over 130 locations and the number of resumes became insurmountable. Continue reading

Indigo | North America’s Books & Music Destination

“Both the cost and time savings were immediately recognizable.” – Sarah Wilson, Director of Talent Acquisition at Indigo

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In Summary

Indigo Uses Artificial Intelligence To Enhance The Candidate Experience And Support Job Seekers

Indigo, “the world’s first cultural department store for book lovers,” is an adored and well-respected brand.

As part of Indigo’s corporate identity, they take pride in an elevated employee experience.

Repeatedly ranked among the top 10 in Top Retail Employer Brand lists, it is no surprise that Indigo is flooded with over 2200 online applications every single week. Continue reading