Account Executive (Outside Sales Rep)

4-6 years
4-6 years
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree

About the company

Workboard’s real-time goals app helps leaders clarify goals, align teams and execute fast for great results. With goals, seeing is achieving. We help organizations increase their agility and velocity by making:

  1. Goals visible to everyone everywhere
  2. Collaborative execution easier for everyone
  3. Eliminating tedious weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting
  4. 1-on-1s and team meetings valuable again

Workboard is a very popular app for OKRs, a modern management technique made popular at Google, LinkedIn and elsewhere.The app is super high engagement and part of the fabric of people’s work – the average user interacts with Workboard 100 times a week.  

Our diverse team is awesome and fun! Our founders and CEO have a ton of experience (19 patents, 2 Smithsonian awards, and 3 acquisitions). Deidre Paknad, the CEO, sold her last company to IBM after which she ran a large business for several years; that experience provided the insight and epiphany for Workboard. 

We’re looking for high-energy, smart, fast learners who want to be crazy successful by helping customers be great successes.  

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About the role

Drive new business opportunities as we grow the company together! You’ll be a key early addition to our small but mighty sales team, building on existing customers like IBM, VMWare,Credit Karma, TeraRecon, Samsung, Memorial Health and others. 

We want another fast, smart, competitive and customer-centric account exec to win with! Cultivate and close enterprise deals in medium and large companies predominantly on the West Coast. 

You’ll have a ton of data and leads to work with as well as an install base of customers to develop.

Do you have…?

  • Depth and insight on buyers’ journeys and the stages of a business value sales cycle
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher from a good university 
  • At least three years of SaaS sales experience selling to line of business buyers at a company like Zuora, Netsuite, Workday, Zendesk, Slack or Box 
  • A strong history of beating your number 
  • Excellent executive presence, strong phone style and customer engagement skills 
  • The ability to understand, communicate and represent our value to customers
  • Skills to communicate ROI and create timelines and compelling events to bring business home 
  • Sleuthing and relationship savvy to work your way from an advocate to a decision maker swiftly
  • Entrepreneurial and killer competitive instincts combined with the appetite to be THE person who changes the company trajectory 
  • No fear of prospecting and competing to win big and often

Can you..?

  • Bring in a high volume of SaaS deals between 50k-150k consistently
  • Manage and grow a pipeline to ensure coverage and quota 
  • Do web presentations and demos and help prospects understand the product value 
  • Find and close line of business decision makers at the GM and CxO level 
  • Work closely with Customer Success Advocates to maximize customer happiness and product adoption (and therefore renewals) 
  • Be a ninja on competitors and market trends that maximize your close rates 
  • Forecast reliably

If this describes you, you’d be a great fit at Workboard!

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Workboard Inc

18 - 80 employees
Company size
18 - 80 employees


Redwood City, CA
Redwood City, CA