Workboard Inc

Workboard’s real-time goals app helps leaders clarify goals, align teams and execute fast for great results. With goals, seeing is achieving. We help organizations increase their agility and velocity by making:

  1. Goals visible to everyone everywhere
  2. Collaborative execution easier for everyone
  3. Eliminating tedious weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting
  4. 1-on-1s and team meetings valuable again

Workboard is a very popular app for OKRs, a modern management technique made popular at Google, LinkedIn and elsewhere.The app is super high engagement and part of the fabric of people’s work – the average user interacts with Workboard 100 times a week.  

Our diverse team is awesome and fun! Our founders and CEO have a ton of experience (19 patents, 2 Smithsonian awards, and 3 acquisitions). Deidre Paknad, the CEO, sold her last company to IBM after which she ran a large business for several years; that experience provided the insight and epiphany for Workboard. 

We’re looking for high-energy, smart, fast learners who want to be crazy successful by helping customers be great successes.