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4-6 years
4-6 years
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree

About the role

Sales Account Manager

SOLID Sales Track Record and yet Looking to Push your Career to NEW HEIGHTS?
Have you achieved success in your current sales position, and yet know there are opportunities out there that offer higher levels of achievement, satisfaction, and financial reward?  Is there a way to spend the same amount of time selling and yet comfortably make significantly more money? 

Top Ten Elements to Maximize Income

  1. Sell big ticket intangible solutions to mid-market and enterprise firms
  2. Sell products and solutions that command high profit margins
  3. Make sure your territory is unrestricted 
  4. Secure a compensation package that offers a 30 to 40% payout of all profits
  5. Negotiate a fixed quota that is reasonable and does not increase every year
  6. Represent a high growth company with the finest reputation and that has plenty of great success stories in every industry
  7. Make sure you can offer the widest possible set of high demand product and solutions of any of your competitors 
  8. Maximize your new account selling time by having a readily accessible team of resources to help you prospect, engineer solutions, and take care of flow business/administrative detail
  9. Ensure that after the sale, you are not required to spend inordinate time to assist in proper delivery and problem resolution
  10. Find a firm that offers Equity as an incentive


  • Work for management that provides mentoring and support, recognizes your contribution, facilitates growth and accomplishment, stays out of your business, and ensures your work is enjoyable and secure.
  • Be sure to find a firm that will guarantee your current income and provide lead generation assistance to restart your business in the shortest possible window.

If you are missing any of the above, or your management/organization has changed or your income is capped by increasing quotas/shrinking territory, we would enjoy hearing from you.  A technical background is NOT REQUIRED.   We will provide the training and mentoring for the right candidate to learn our space.


  • Stable employment history
  • Business-to-business sales experience
  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business/Finance/Economics/Engineering  
  • 3 to 5 years demonstrated high performance, sales success, (with a focus on driving and closing net new business)
  • Minimum high-level understanding of technology or interest and aptitude for learning technology
  • Competency for intangible consultative/solution selling
  • Solid values and the reputation of a trusted advisor 
  • Ambition to build business with insatiable sense of success
  • Big ticket sales experience to mid-market/enterprise firms - a plus but not required
  • Relationships in IT, a specific industry or general business relationships in the Mid to Enterprise market – a plus but not required
  • Industries of interest include: Consulting, Technology, Computers, IT, Software, Medical, Financial, Health, Advertising, Insurance, Chemical, Food, Distribution, Packaging, Printing, Communications, Copier, Payroll 
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18 - 80 employees


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Downers Grove, IL