PacketZoom was founded in 2013 with the goal of fundamentally improving how networking works for mobile apps.

We are technology addicts who love to push boundaries. We understand how important the user experience is for every human being who uses a mobile app. We’re passionate about delivering the best technology for mobile developers to access the cloud. Our Number 1 goal is to keep your app users happy by helping them engage with your app as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our technology is simple to use and works for any app that is receiving data from the cloud. The result? Super fast file transfers. This includes lots of content, big files for mobile games or streaming audio or video.

PacketZoom recognized the void in the content delivery market and the lack of mobile application support by traditional Web CDNs. We developed a mobile application platform that:

  1. Speeds up performance by 2x-3x
  2. Rescues ~80% TCP connection failures 
  3. Keeps your total CDN cost flat (i.e. no additional cost)

Our solution is designed with ease of integration and low cost of testing n mind. It takes less than one hour to complete the work, by following these steps:

  1. Download the SDK our website 
  2. Follow this video to complete the “drag and drop” client integration
  3. Register the application on our server
  4. Test the results using the Built in A/B Testing