Ideal to be acquired by Ceridian

Shaun and Somen

April 29, 2021

Today, Ceridian announced an agreement to acquire Ideal and we couldn’t be happier. With our combined passion for intelligence at work, we truly look forward to what we can do together.

Since its inception, Ideal has always been a data-driven company. Our mission is for the data behind every talent decision to be accurate, efficient, and fair. This mission drives everything that we do, from product development to marketing. It’s something we repeat every Friday at our all-hands company meetings. It’s the first thing we tell potential customers on a demo. Joining forces with Ceridian will allow us to truly fulfill our mission at a scale we couldn’t have imagined. Our industry leading Talent Intelligence product is used by some of the world’s largest brands and now, as part of Ceridian, it can be used by thousands of other organizations around the world.

Why did we join forces?

Ideal has seen stellar growth in the last few years including growing 100% year-over-year for the last three years. Why join Ceridian now?

  1. End-to-End Data: As a data-driven machine learning software company, we’re always excited about robust data sets. Traditional point solutions like applicant tracking systems only tell a part of the story. With the global scale of Ceridian’s modern human capital management platform, we can now apply our technology to the entire talent lifecycle, from application to retirement.
  2. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: We look forward to a day when talent decisions are fair and bias free. We recently introduced an advanced DEI Intelligence system that helps customers measure their DEI initiatives. By partnering with Ceridian, we look forward to helping customers across Ceridian’s global footprint, driving equity and fairness among their workforces.
  3. Cultural Fit: We’ve been partners with Ceridan for almost two years. Over those two years, we’ve built a great relationship with its team and leadership. The company has a great culture that aligns with ours. David Ossip, Ceridian’s CEO, is also a visionary who we look forward to working with.

The Future of Ideal

We’re super excited about the future and what we can do together. Firstly, our team is going to stay intact in Toronto where we’ll contribute to the machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives at Ceridian. Secondly, we look forward to accelerating our product roadmap with increased resources.

The combination will not only strengthen our position as a leader in Talent Intelligence, but will also help us bring Intelligence at work to our valued customers and to forward-looking business leaders globally.

Read the full announcement here.

– Shaun Ricci, COO & Co-founder and Somen Mondal, CEO & Co-founder