Vena Solutions Case Study

Since launching three years ago, Toronto-based software development company, Vena Solutions, has grown quickly. Today, the successful business has 100 employees, with a third of their team being the sales department. As the company grew quickly, HR required a more efficient hiring process. Traditionally they combed through 100s of resumes and conducted endless phone interviews, but the process was long and daunting. After countless days trying to hire the best possible candidate, they needed a better solution.

The Recruiting Pitfall

As the team spent hours reviewing 100s of resumes, there was a general consensus they never really got what they were truly looking for—knowledge about the candidates’ personality. More important than anything else was personality fit at Vena Solutions. The team wants to hire salespeople who are enthusiastic, motivated, positive, and have the ability to face adversity head on. And they need team members who approach sales with a problem-oriented solution.

It’s impossible to qualify these soft skills by looking at resumes only because a few bullet points listed didn’t give the insights needed into a candidate’s personality.

The typical hiring process was to comb through 100s of resumes and narrow it down to 40 possible candidates. The team would then conduct days worth of phone interviews to bring the list down to a more reasonable number for in-person interviews.

“We were always able to find a huge number of candidates through direct sourcing but, at the end of the day, we needed something that helps us generate a quality pipeline of softer skill sets that you just can’t qualify with traditional resumes.”

– Stacey Lee, Recruitment and HR Specialist at Vena Solutions

The Recruiting Fix

The team was reluctant to try a new hiring approach for fear they would waste even more time and energy, and still have to read 100s of resumes. However, Ideal came highly recommended to them so they decided to give it a go!

“In today’s realm of business, we constantly get calls about ‘this new tool’ in technology, and often I think ‘oh no, here’s another one.’ But we were truly impressed with Ideal. Their online tool really addresses some inherent issues present in hiring salespeople—where so much is dependent on experience and the resume. Ideal addresses some of the key personality and cultural fit issues that traditional methods don’t do a good job addressing.”

Using Ideal’s job matching technology, it was easy to determine personality and cultural fit. HR, along with Vena’s star sales reps, filled out the online assessment and shortly after began getting matched to candidates. Within a couple of weeks, they were holding interviews—but instead of 40—they held two! And out of those two, the team made one great hire!

“Ideal has something special going on. It has built a community that fosters a pool of talented sales representatives. We can feel confident that, through using Ideal, we have hired someone truly committed to the sales role.”

Most interesting, the new hire may have never made it through HR’s traditional process. Based on their resume alone, there was a 50/50 chance they would have been invited a phone interview. The team was impressed that Ideal truly decreases the chance of human error with its job matching technology.

Ideal Sales Recruiting By The Numbers

Within 1 month of using Ideal, Vena Solutions saw the following results:

  •         30 Ideal Candidates were sent to Vena Solutions;
  •         80% or higher profile match between Vena Solutions and potential candidates;
  •         2 in-person interviews were conducted;
  •         1 team member was hired!