Radware Case Study

Radware, a global leader of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, has a globally distributed sales force. The fast-growing company is always on the lookout for high-performing, exceptional sales professionals to add to their Inside Sales teams in the U.S. and Canada. Often times, they rely on recruiters to fulfill these positions, however, slow results and a high price tag made one Inside Sales Manager seek out an alternative resource. With today’s technology, he knew there had to be a better way. That’s when he discovered the online sales recruiting tool, Ideal.

The Recruiting Pitfall

Radware strives to hire strong sales professionals who can take an extremely proactive role in their careers. Normally, the company relies on recruiters to fill these positions with top-notch employees. So when Trevor Thomas, Inside Sales Manager for the U.S. West Division, had to fill an open position on his high-performing sales team, he immediately engaged four different recruiters.

However, he was underwhelmed by the results.

The expectations were set that he would receive one to two leads on potential candidates per day and that those leads would be a close match to the job description he provided the recruiters. Trevor was looking for an individual with 1-2 years of proactive sales experience.

Unfortunately, he only received a total of six resumes from the recruiters that were not the perfect match. Some candidates had no sales experience, while others had 10+ years experience with very high salary expectations. Trevor was getting frustrated and felt like he was receiving little to no support from the recruiters he was working with.

With his team being stretched thin and the search not yielding the results he was looking for, Trevor disengaged with the recruiters and began the search himself.

The Recruiting Fix

Trevor needed to discover a new way to hire, without taking up all of his time to find a candidate himself. A quick search online lead him to Ideal and he quickly learned it was the solution he was looking for. Trevor set up a company profile and outlined his requirements for the ideal employee. Within 24 hours after creating the profile, Trevor started to receive leads daily through the candidate pipeline.

“It was very easy to get started with Ideal. I received two to three candidates a day, with all the necessary contact information for them. I could review their past experience, and had a link directly to their LinkedIn profile. It was easy to dismiss candidates that weren’t a good fit, and with the phone numbers and emails contained within the accounts, I could easily reach out to the right candidates immediately. The control of hiring was finally back in my hands without relying on recruiters.”

– Trevor Thomas, Inside Sales Manager, West Division, Radware

Trevor signed up for Ideal the first week of September and by the last week of September, a letter of employment was signed. His new hire was the perfect match for his team because he was a recent college graduate with 1.5 years of Inside Sales experience, had a strong sense of camaraderie from being in the military and his salary expectations matched what Radware was offering.

Trevor can now go back to focusing on his team’s success with the confidence that he found the right person for the job.

Ideal Sales Recruiting By The Numbers

Within 30 days of using Ideal, Radware saw the following results:

  • 51 Ideal Candidates were sent to Radware;
  • 80% or higher profile match between Radware and potential candidates;
  • 10 interviews were conducted;
  • 1 team member was hired.