Qualys Case Study

Qualys (Nasdaq: QLYS) is the leading provider of cloud security and compliance solutions. It’s a fast growing company with over 430 employees—and a robust sales team. The company organizes its sales staff to cater to different company sizes. For companies over 5,000 employees, Qualys has a dedicated Enterprise Technical Account Management (TAM) team. For companies between 250 employees and 5,000, there is a team of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) TAM staff, and for companies less than 250 employees; the company has a dedicated SMB staff. With the company growing so quickly, star salespeople can be promoted at a moment’s notice to support the SME team. These shifts mean vacant sales positions need to be filled fast, which Fuad Najjar, SMB Sales Manager at Qualys is responsible for.

Fuad was looking for smarter recruiting methods rather than passive platforms like LinkedIn. He found he was wasting too much time reaching out to potential candidates and then finding that they weren’t interested in exploring new career opportunities. After evaluating Ideal’s job matching technology, he was able to develop a continuous pipeline of well-matched candidates and was thrilled with the results.

 The Recruiting Pitfall

As Fuad’s top performing SMB sales reps were promoted to other groups within the sales organization, he realized he needed to develop an ongoing list of potential entry-level candidates that he could contact at a moment’s notice to help fill vacated positions.

Prior to Ideal, Fuad’s go-to method was searching through LinkedIn profiles but he became frustrated with the lack of response that would slow down the process. Additionally, he would reach out to what he identified as top candidates but often they weren’t looking for new opportunities.

 “It’s always a challenge hiring entry level sales reps who could perhaps have a few years of experience in sales or no sales experience at all. I needed a tool to help me quickly evaluate candidates outside of the resume and qualify the soft skills that our customers appreciate about our Technical Account managers.”

– Fuad Najjar, SMB Sales Manager, Qualys

The Recruiting Fix

Fuad began testing Ideal as a proactive recruiting tool that brings the science of predictive analytics to sales hiring. He filled out the online assessment, and with the help of Ideal’s team, created a job candidate profile tailored to his specific needs.

 “One of the best things about Ideal is the support they provide, particularly as you’re setting up a new search. An account manager is assigned to you, so whenever you have a question or want to change something, you receive support from someone who understands your unique situation.”

When Fuad began looking for his new hire, he was looking for three key strengths:

  1.  Emotional Intelligence
  2. Coachable
  3. Drive

With Ideal’s job matching technology, he received matches based on the key qualities he outlined in his initial search. As a result, Fuad was sent a pipeline of 70 candidates which further resulted in 15 phone interviews, 4 in-person interviews and most importantly, a new hire. Fuad compared it to e-Harmony for sales recruitment.

The new hire is extremely social and coachable. He was looking for an opportunity to take a major step in his career and Fuad is confident he’s going to do whatever it takes to become one of his top reps.

 “I am blown away by my new hire. He’s cut from the same cloth as some of our top TAMs.”

Ideal Sales Recruiting By The Numbers

After using Ideal, Qualys saw the following results:

  • 70 Ideal Candidates were sent to Qualys;
  • 70% or higher profile match between Qualys and potential candidates;
  • 15 phone interviews;
  • 4 in-person interviews;
  • 1 team member hired!

With the job matching customization and pipeline of candidates now in place, Fuad believes the next hire will take even less of his time.