I’m currently working, will my employer find out I’m looking?

Absolutely not. We made Ideal with your privacy in mind. Your personally identifiable details are only revealed to your company matches if and when you approve them.

How does your system help me earn more?

It’s no secret, happy salespeople earn more money. Based on the science of psychometric data, Ideal looks at what companies fit your personality and selling style. Studies have shown that salespeople in the right role and at the right company are happier, more productive and maximize their earning potential.

How long is the assessment?

On average, the assessment only takes candidates 15-20 minutes. Remember, you only have to complete the assessment once to match with hundreds of employers.

I’m not looking for a job in one of the key areas, can I still take the assessment?

Of course! Just knowing your own sales strengths will help you in interviews. Plus, you will be the first to know when Ideal is available in your city.

I have no sales experience, can I still sign up?

Absolutely. In fact, Ideal is the perfect platform for those new to sales. Your psychometric assessment will be able to get you in front of top employers that may not have considered you based on a resume alone.

What cities do you operate in?

Currently we are in Boston, Chicago, Toronto and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Got a question? Just ask!