B2B Sales Strategy: The Four Things B2B Buyers Seek by Jill Rowley

Jill Rowley, a name synonymous with social selling, provided a great framework for B2B salespeople in her piece, “The Four Things B2B Buyers Seek.” So great we wanted to make a cheat sheet for you. Print this one out and keep it close by!

It is easy to lose sight of these four B2B strategy fundamentals when we fly through calls and emails all day. By giving yourself a little reminder every day you will quickly see results.

Note how personal and impactful these pillars are:

  • Expertise: is gained through the commitment to mastering your craft. Reading articles like this and always looking to improve your knowledge is key.
  • Empathy: is the difference between good salespeople and great salespeople. By truly understanding the pain points of your buyer you can be the hero when solving their problems.
  • Clarity: The days of buzzwords and long-winded sales pitches are over. Make it simple for your customer to understand and then make it easy for your customer to buy.
  • Trust: can take a while earn but be patient, once you have it you have a customer for life.

By keeping these four pillars in your mind you will see an improvement in conversations, conversions, and close rates.

Based on her article, here are the four things B2B buyers seek:

B2B Sales Strategy Jill Rowley

Keep this infographic handy as you continue to hone your B2B sales skills.

Another great piece from the Queen of Sales! Thanks Jill!

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Kayla Kozan

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