Avoid Making This Big Sales Mistake after Closing a Deal

don't make this sales mistake

Ah, you’re days away from finishing Q2 at 110% of quota and it was a long hard slog to get there. You’re rolling into Q3 with a few deals that pushed so your first month of the quarter is looking good. Your boss is not bothering you because of your stellar Q2 performance. Time to lean back and relax, just for a few days…

Don’t do it!

Sales is hard. Doing sales well is VERY hard. It’s exhausting and often monotonous (but very rewarding). So it’s easy and tempting to want to take a mental break from prospecting after winning some deals.

Here are 2 reasons not to lean back, and a suggestion to help avoid the temptation.

Every deal starts with prospecting

All sales teams are set up differently. Some have a lot of inbound leads and don’t have to do any outbound prospecting, but most sales roles have to deal with a prospect at the early stage of the sales cycle. From what I’ve observed, this is the area in the sales cycle that’s the easiest to get “lazy” on. It’s important to always remind yourself that the deals you closed that helped you achieve your quota last month started with you prospecting, nurturing and working towards a close.

When you fall behind, it’s almost impossible to catch up

I’m a big believer of running a sales team by the numbers. With the correct training and skill set, if you know your numbers you can usually follow them and be confident you can hit your ultimate sales numbers. Here’s a simple example: if historically you need to add 10 new leads to your list every day and for the first week of Q3 you only add 5 per day, you now need to get caught up. You need to get 25 extra leads next week on top of the 50 you already need. This will result in you adding either poor quality, not enough leads, or putting in overtime.

Build a schedule and stick to it!

To help avoid this trap of leaning back after experiencing some success, I suggest creating a daily schedule and sticking to it. This can be something very simple, and make sure you’re realistic and include breaks, lunch, free time and that morning coffee and office chatter that can easily eat up 15 minutes. If you have a schedule built that allows you to accomplish your tasks and you stick to it, I believe you can get everything done in a normal 8-hour work day.

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Shaun Ricci

COO at Ideal
Shaun Ricci is a Canadian entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Ideal. Shaun served as Co-Founder and COO of Field ID until it was acquired in December 2012. Shaun’s accomplishments include spots on the Profit Hot 50 and Deloitte Fast 50 Companies-to-Watch lists as well as the 2012 Ontario Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Shaun is also an active writer, documenting his wins and losses while building his startup sales team.