7 of Toronto’s Top Sales Leaders & What Makes Them Great

These are 7 of Toronto’s top Sales Leaders and this is what makes them great:


There is no “I” in “sales team” but every now and again we have to sit back and thank those who spend their days making Toronto’s top sales teams tick. These are 7 of Toronto’s top Sales Leaders.

Remember your first cold call? The time you got hung up on? Maybe the first month you missed quota… none of these are pleasant events but real sales leaders turn those events into opportunities.

It’s these coaches that taught you how to handle objections, clap for you while you’re hitting the gong and hand you that commission cheque at the end of the day.

Congrats to this all-star lineup, keep making Toronto’s sales world go round!

Toronto’s top Sales Leaders:

  1. Ali Irshad (LinkedIn) Ali leads Top Hat’s large sales team.”We do what we have to do to win and we really are a group of people very passionate about what we’re doing. We believe in what we do and we do go to bed at night feeling successful.” Want to be a part of Ali’s team? Good news, they’re hiring! Click here to learn more about the sales team and apply directly.cutmypic (22)
  2. Mike Orloff (LinkedIn) leads the Uberflip sales team, a rapidly expanding, marketing automation platform. He has been known to say, “You report to me, but I work for you.”  Want to have Mike work for you? Uberflip is hiring! See their open roles here: Uberflip open sales jobscutmypic (23)
  3. Randy Frisch (LinkedIn) from Uberflip, while Randy is technically Co-Founder and COO, he helps out the sales team on a daily basis. He explains his communication style, “No walls—even myself as a Co-founder and COO, we’re never going to get so big that I’m going to jump into an office. That’s not my style.” Again—Uberflip is hiring like crazy. Click here to see open roles in Toronto.cutmypic (24)
  4. Digitcom is a Canada-wide leader in voice and data communications. Their Director of Sales, Mark Hummel (LinkedIn), is hiring rapidly for his growing team.Want to work for a passionate, dedicated leader with a great product? Click to see Digitcom’s open sales roles.cutmypic (25)
  5. Andrew Esteves (LinkedIn) Andrew is a true team player on the [24]7  team. Always around to jump on a call or negotiate pricing, Andrew is a great role model for his salespeople. Bonus—[24]7 is hiring. Learn more about the company and apply directly here: [24]7 Sales Jobs. cutmypic (28)
  6. Microdea‘s Jonathan Cowie (LinkedIn) is “part of an old company that feels new again.” He believes sales leadership should start from the top. With an open door policy Jonathan is always there for his team. He also believes his team is the front-line and takes their input very seriously. Jonathan is also hiring to build out Microdea’s sales team. Click here to learn more!cutmypic (26)
  7. I would be remiss not to nominate Ideal‘s own Shaun Ricci (LinkedIn). Again, technically Co-Founder and COO, Shaun puts in countless hours with the Ideal sales team. Starting from scratch in 2013, Shaun and the team have built out an impressive sales machine. Shaun writes about his wins and losses as a startup sales manager frequently. You can read one of his top pieces, You’re Fired! Did You Suck? Or Was the Sales Job Just Not a Fit? here.cutmypic (29)

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Did I miss your manager? Let me know! If you have a manager you would like to nominate please send me a note at kayla@ideal.com.

Happy closing!

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  • Daniel Andrade

    I wish there was one woman included in the top 7. Thank you guys for looking out for the next gen of sales representatives!