5 Questions to Prepare for in a Sales Job Interview [Infographic]

5 Questions to Prepare For in a Sales Job Interview

CEO of KiteDesk, Sean Burke, is no stranger to hiring. This is his advice on 5 questions you should expect in a sales job interview and how to answer them with confidence.

As a candidate with only a finite time to prepare, it’s important to focus on the questions you’re most likely to run into. These five are classics — why? These questions give a good look into both the salesperson’s character and competencies. There is no one right answer for any of them, but Sean shows us what the interviewer is looking for. Armed with this insight you will be able to walk in confident and walk out with a job!5 questions to prepare for interview3-01

Sean explains what makes these five so critical, “At KiteDesk, our interviews are geared to one goal — predicting your success as part of our team. We’re not going to “waste” questions; the right questions reveal character and give clues to how well you are likely to fit into the company culture.”


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Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

Director of Marketing at Ideal
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Kayla Kozan