4 Things To Look For In A Sales Recruiter

A quick Google search will find you thousands of recruiters. Big, small, niche, enterprise, entry-level, executive, local, national… which one is for you? Here are 4 things you’ll want to consider when looking for the right Sales Recruiter for you.

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The Traits Of A Good Sales Recruiter:

1 They Understand Sales

Not all industries are the same.

When looking for a Sales job, it is essential to your success that you choose a Recruiter that understands Sales. Sales is a unique industry. Personality, salary requirements, culture fit, all of these aspects are best understood by a Sales Recruiter.

Find a Sales Recruiter by searching for Sales specific placement companies or job markets. You will also want to consider job-matching marketplaces like Ideal that are exclusive to Sales. By finding this niche you are ensuring you will be working with someone who understands your needs.

2 They Have A Culture Fit Assessment

A bad hire is extremely expensive—$114,957 to be exact—and no one knows that as well as a Recruiter. They are under a lot of pressure to find a strong match. Employers want to make sure a hire is worth it and in Sales, they can easily put a pricetag on each hire. A good recruiter understands that the biggest reason people leave is not salary, it’s culture fit.

The best way to predict future performance and loyalty is to use a culture fit assessment.

A culture fit assessment is completed by the applicant and used by the Recruiter to assess the fit you will have with each company. Two companies, the same size, in the same city and the same industry can be drastically different. Are they results-oriented? Analytical? Respectful? How do they work? How do they reward their top salespeople? An assessment can help answer all of these questions. Having a culture fit assessment also speaks to the forward-thinking mentality of the employer. They care enough to assess their corporate culture and are working to keep morale high.

Are you looking for a job in Sales? Click here to join Ideal and let the jobs look for you.

3 They Only Send Relevant Jobs

We’ve all done it, signed up for a job board with high hopes, with the promise of perfect jobs delivered to our inbox, no Recruiter required. The unfortunate truth is the conversion rate on those emails is extremely low. Most emails are full of jobs you are either not interested in or qualified for. You would think that selecting a Recruiter will decrease this occurrence, however, the reality is some Recruiters will do the exact some thing. In an effort to place a lot of people at once, they will resort to the outdated spray and pray strategy, sending you jobs that are not a good match for your personality, salary requirements, and sometimes not even in your desired city. Avoid these recruiters.

A Recruiter who cares understands that there is no value in sending you a job you are not a match for.

A good Sales Recruiter wants to see you succeed in a role. At Ideal, our Talent Scouts only reach out to candidates with jobs that are a great match to their personality and salary requirements. They speak honestly with job seekers and only send compelling, relevant roles to candidates. This will also reduce the overwhelming stress of a job hunt. By only taking a look at jobs that make sense to you, you will save your mind and inbox from clutter.

4 They Understand Your Unique Selling Style

Research has shown that personality has a major effect on a salesperson’s performance. Don’t think it’s that much of a difference? Research suggests top performing salespeople bring in about 4x the sales of an underperforming rep. 4x. That’s significant. 

A proper Sales Recruiter will have an assessment that will analyze your personality to find your unique selling style profile. Using this profile, they will look for jobs that are a strong match for.

If your personality is a great match for the role you will find that it will improve every aspect of your career.

Salespeople that have a strong personality fit ramp up faster, stay longer and close more deals. A personality fit also improves your job satisfaction, and happy salespeople sell more!

Good luck on your job hunt! Never tried a Sales personality assessment? Click here to learn more about yourself and your unique strengths.

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Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

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