4 Moneyball Sales Hiring Tips From A New York Yankee

twitter-profile-patrick-antrimThere are three things Patrick Antrim knows like the back of his hand: sales, leadership, and baseball. The New York Yankee turned sales coach shared with us his insight on the intersection between baseball and sales hiring.

4 Moneyball Sales Hiring Tips From Patrick Antrim

In baseball, teams have the privilege of knowing the performance of their players in advance. They believe talent acquisition is an investment in their business. They are clear about what they need, understand who would most likely succeed in their culture and invest in getting the data. Their best practices, made popular by the movie Moneyball, showed the world the power of data-backed decision making.

Here’s four ways you can work Moneyball into the way you hire:

1. Build Talent Scouts

We need to be Talent Scouts and invest the time and resources on the front end to find that ideal candidate. Just like solid referrals are great for sales, a strong referral network of people that understand your vision will help you create a deep network of talented people. Share your company vision with your current employees and ask them to find people that would thrive in your culture.

Hiring people is a sales responsibility. Everyone in the company should be a “recruiter” and contribute to the company brand. [Tweet this!] Ultimately, if your teams are clear about your employer brand, you will be better positioned to attract top talent.

To succeed in sales talent acquisition, you first need to be sold on yourself, your company and your product or service. If you’re not sold on this, you can’t expect anyone to buy your story.

2. Don’t Rush the Process

As the CEO of two national talent solution platforms, we find that most people rush the process and are constantly in reaction mode. They continue to have high turnover with lack of depth in their team. Leaders continue to focus on acquiring customers and growth of the business. While these strategies sound great to the shareholders, the fact is, customer experience and business growth are outcomes of great teams. You need to be focused on your team.

The best way to drive a better customer experience and shareholder return is to retain existing top performers on your team. This is what sports teams do very well. Winning organizations think in advance of what the team needs now and develops talent for seasons ahead. Sports teams don’t wait until a contract is up or an injury to think about who will be next.

Strong hiring managers focus less on administration, compliance, and regulations and more on sales, data, and making connections with people. The administration process is critical, but don’t lead with it.

3. Get Clear

First, know what type of person you need. From there, think about what a person like that would want in a company or leader, and become that. Simple as that. Top talent is an outcome of who you become as a business unit, team or company. When you become more, you are now attractive to the person you desire. This works in dating too. Want more in a relationship, become more. We get the talent we deserve. [Tweet this!]

4. Focus on Experience With Team Development

Baseball teams provide experience based learning in controlled environments. We call it the minor leagues in pro baseball. And like the Yankees, we like 2,000 plate appearances before you reach the big leagues. If you ask Malcolm Gladwell, he says 10,000 hours.

Either way, leaders take development very seriously. In the minor leagues, player development is important and winning comes second. Confidence comes after competence. We get competent by taking risks and learning through experience. As a result, we get confident.



hardbackstandingstraight (1)Patrick leverages a deep insight in leadership to inspire high-impact results. He is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach. He is the Founder and CEO of CareersinAuto, Inc, MultifamilyJobs.com. His leadership & coaching firm, LegendaryTeams.com is focused on winning in life and business. Together his companies offer a suite of tools to help people and companies reach their potential. You can learn more about Patrick’s new book The Inner Game of Business at legendaryteams.com

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